Warmer weather is coming, and so too is the hankering for iced coffee. But, since most of us don’t have the time—or foresight—to make a batch of cold brew the night before, we’ll be chilling our cups of Joe with ice cubes and watering them down in the process. The HyperChiller Coffee Chiller offers a different way to prepare your caffeine without watering it down, and two-packs are on sale today for $44.99.

The HyperChiller is capable of chilling coffee by up to 130º in one minute without dilution thanks to its unique construction. The vessel’s multi-chamber design keeps the coffee and ice separated with two layers of food grade stainless steel, ensuring the coffee cools but doesn’t get watered down. Plus, with a high-volume 12.5 oz capacity, the HyperChiller is capable of dishing out large batches of iced brews in a pinch.

Two-packs of the HyperChiller Coffee Chiller normally retail for $60, but you can get a pack today for $44.99, saving 25% off the usual price.

from Boing Boing https://boingboing.net/2018/04/17/the-hyperchiller-makes-iced-co.html