Amazing Spider-Man #798 contains the first appearance of the Red Goblin, fully portrayed, a combination of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin and the Carnage symbiote — with a whole host of new powers, including biting and exploding goblin bombs.

People had been waiting on the first appearance of that character for many issues, as the series kept teasing and teasing when the character would appear fully formed.

But few of them knew that Amazing Spider-Man #799 would have the first appearance of yet another character who would be part of the Spider/Symbiote legacy.

And no, it’s nothing to do with Eddie Brock/Venom symbiote combo getting pregnant over in the Venom series and about to spawn But maybe it’s another to add to that number…

Amazing Spider-Man #799 is published tomorrow.

(W) Dan Slott (A) Stuart Immonen (CA) Alex Ross
•  SPIDER-MAN will need to the help of friend and foe alike if he hopes to stop THE GREEN GOBLIN this time! 
•  The mystery of the RED GOBLIN is finally revealed, and it’s not going to be pretty for Peter Parker!
Rated T In Shops: Apr 18, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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