There was once a time that the idea of two different television series crossing over was almost unheard of, especially if they were on different networks. Sure the Six-Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman crossed, but that was the 70s and people did crazy things then. Law & Order crossed with Homicide: Life on the Street, but that was the 90s and Richard Belzer always got to break the rules. But now with the Arrowverse and Dick Wolf’s Chicago, you look at all new series with an idea of who they might cross with. And if it’s a new Marvel series where “everything is connected”, it seems like only a matter of time.


Here we are, just a few episodes into the first season of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger and they’re already being asked which series they want to cross with. asked stars Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt that very question, with Joseph saying he’d like to cross with Marvel’s Runaways:

If we were to cross over with any other Marvel show, it would definitely be them. We’re close in age and it would just probably make the most sense. I’m all for the Runaways.

Holt added:

I would love to see the Cloak and Dagger clan and the Runaways clan team up.

This would make sense to comic fans as they have crossed over in the comics. An Runaways has been renewed for a second season on Hulu, the same place the Cloak & Dagger shows go after their first airing on Freeform. But this may be more difficult from a story standpoint, at least for now, as the shows are set pretty far apart with Runaways taking place in Brentwood, California while Cloak & Dagger are in New Orleans, Louisiana.

There’s a new episode of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger on tonight at 8 PM on Freeform.


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