If you’re the type of person who watches game shows and screams out the answers as soon as you think you know them—and really, who isn’t?—then have we got a Twitter account for you. Wheel Of Fortune Answers (@wofanswers) is a relatively new parody account that fills in the blanks on Wheel Of Fortune puzzles with such confidence you almost don’t notice that they’re all 100 percent wrong.

It’s almost embarrassing the contestants didn’t get this one yet:

And who doesn’t remember this classic hymn?

These three are obviously not Tracy Chapman fans:

Whoever is behind the account clearly has no concern for the rules of Wheel Of Fortune, considering almost all of their guesses contain letters that are already on the board. But it’s way more fun to imagine Vanna White revealing that the answer of a common phrase is “MAKING SNACK HARD AT IT” or the well-known location is “AN BONER.” Also, be aware, if you want to be one of those smart alecks who points out @wofanswers error, you will be shut down swiftly and mercilessly.

[via The Daily Dot]

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