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Depending on who you ask, Marvel’s nocturnal hero Moon Knight is either a mercenary, an emissary of an ancient Egyptian god, an obvious Batman clone, or just an absolute lunatic. Over the years, countless revivals and reinterpretations have given readers reason to think of him in any of those ways and more. As a side effect, Moon Knight’s origins, and even the core of his character, can be tough to figure out. Asking a question as simple as “What’s Moon Knight’s secret identity?” is complicated enough to make you shake your head. So to help you along, here’s the truth about Moon Knight…

Moon Knight’s real-life namesake | 0:33
Moon Knight’s villainous roots | 1:37
Big Bill’s breakout | 2:20
The first Jewish superhero? | 3:11
The Hawkeye connection | 4:04
Movie Knight? | 5:00

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