Over the past year, Bleeding Cool has been running a considerable number of stories regarding Stan Lee‘s personal life and how they have impacted the headlines. There was a time when I commented how unusual it was to see TMZ running Stan Lee stories, but of late that has become a daily occurrence.

Recently there seemed to be a beginning of the end to the circumstances that have seen so many sued, so many allegations thrown back and forth, and so much energy expended over a 95-year-old man who by all rights should be retired and living his life in relaxation with his family, friends, and colleagues. But even as I type this, I am hearing stories that may blow this whole thing open again.

But if you wanted to catch up with his truly horrendous year, here’s a timeline. Note: none of the serious allegations against Stan have seemed to have moved forward, and a number of stories seem to have been fabricated for the media to generate a climate of fear for Stan Lee that others could exploit. And as it stands, he has a court-appointed guardian to look after his interests, accountable to the Los Angeles courts.

So here’s how the last year looked from Bleeding Cool’s perspective. And it’s something that not even Stan Lee could have concocted…


Mar 10

Jim Lee Stands In For A Sick Stan Lee At Big Apple Comic Con This Weekend

Stan Lee was lined up to appear at Big Apple Comic Con in New York City this weekend. Sadly he … Read More

Mar 17

Stan Lee Unable To Appear At Salt Lake Comic Con #FanX17 For Health Reasons

Salt Lake Comic Con has announced that Stan Lee will not be able to attend FanX17 “…due to health reasons. … Read More

May 08

Chinese Investment Company Purchases Stan Lee, Plans To Create Own Marvel

Hong Kong based investment company Camsing International Holding has purchased Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, and, according to a report from … Read More

Jun 02

Police Dismiss Allegations Of Abuse Made Against Stan Lee’s Family

TMZ aren’t usually the type of website that bother much with the comings and goings of Stan Lee. But today … Read More

Jul 06

Joan Lee, Wife Of Stan Lee, Passes Away At 93

It is with a heavy heart we report on the passing of Joan Lee, the exceptional woman who had been married … Read More

Jul 07

“Do You Know Where Stan Lee Is?”: A Day With Ben Penrod, Founding Father Of Washington DC’s Awesome Con

Devon Sanders writes: * [As I was putting the final touches on this article, I read of the passing of … Read More

Jul 07

Stan Lee And Joe Quesada On How Joan Lee Created The Marvel Universe (VIDEO)

Marvel CCO Joe Quesada has written a note in memorium for Joan Lee, voiceover actor and wife to Stan Lee, … Read More

Sep 11

Stan Lee In Talks With Leonardo DiCaprio For Lead In Biopic

Superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio is the frontrunner for the role of Stan Lee in an upcoming biopic that Lee may … Read More

Oct 24

Eymun Talasazan – Is Stan Lee’s Realtor Getting Into Comic Books With Starboy?

You know me. There’s nothing I like more of a night that noodling around trademark registrations on American government websites. … Read More

Oct 25

Stan Lee’s Daughter To Launch “I Love Stan Lee” Clothing Line At Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con

JC Lee, daughter of Stan Lee, will launch a new marketing promotion and merchandising program at Stan Lee’s LA Comic … Read More

Dec 30

Police Investigate Theft of $300k from Stan Lee via Forged Check

Beverly Hills cops are investigating the alleged theft of $300,000 from comics legend Stan Lee, according to a report from … Read More


Jan 09

Stan Lee Accused of Sexually Abusing Nurses, Denies All, Claims It’s a Shakedown

The Daily Mail is running what they are dubbing an exclusive story, saying that a number of nurses who have … Read More

Jan 11

Stan Lee Denies New Allegations of Sexual Harassment at C2E2 Last Year

stan lee at c2e2

The Daily Mail/MailOnline has continued to run new allegations of sexual harassment against the Marvel Universe co-creator Stan Lee, following … Read More

Jan 12

Alan Duke, Source in Stan Lee Harassment Allegations, Also Source of Joan Lee Abuse Claims

This week’s Crime Stories With Nancy Grace show for Art19 on SiriusXM focused on the allegations of sexual harassment against … Read More

Jan 12

New Allegation That Stan Lee Groped the Wife of a Comic Book Creator Last Year

This week, MailOnline ran two exclusive stories dealing with allegations of sexual harassment by the 95-year-old Marvel Universe co-creator Stan … Read More

Jan 15

$5000 Worth Of Stan Lee’s Marvel Comics – And Tickets To Meet Stan Lee – Stolen At ACE Comic Con

Comic book fan Charles Baca took a select number of comic books to ACE Comic Con in Glendale, Arizona over … Read More

Jan 18

Stan Lee Coming To St Louis, Cleveland… and the Philippines

Denied allegations regarding the co-creator of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee made by the Daily Mail, with help from Alan … Read More

Feb 01

Report: Stan Lee Rushed to Hospital, But He’s Doing Okay Now

Comics legend Stan Lee was rushed to hospital on Wednesday, but he’s doing well now, a representative says. Lee experienced … Read More

Feb 16

LAPD Reportedly Visit Stan Lee’s House in Investigation Allegedly Involving Max Anderson

Stan Lee’s home was reportedly visited by the Los Angeles Police Department Thursday, according to a report by Ryan Parry … Read More

Feb 28

Stan Lee, Fighting Pneumonia, Sends Video Message to Fans

Following a hospital visit earlier this month, Stan Lee has revealed via record video message that he is battling pneumonia, … Read More

Mar 02

Comics Industry Expresses Concern Over Stan Lee’s Current Situation

Max Anderson has been Stan Lee‘s minder for over a decade. He runs Stan Lee’s Collectibles, which sell a number of Stan … Read More

Mar 05

J. Scott Campbell Calls for Comic Industry to Speak Out Over Stan Lee’s Situation

J. Scott Campbell stan lee

Last week, Bleeding Cool reported concern from the comic book industry regarding Stan Lee‘s current situation. Lee’s friends and acquaintances report … Read More

Mar 06

Peter David and Jason David Frank Join Neal Adams to Express Concern for Stan Lee

Bleeding Cool has been reporting on the current situation regarding Marvel Universe creator Stan Lee, seemingly housebound and isolated from … Read More

Mar 07

Stan Lee Needs His Champions: Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos Speak Out

humberto ramos stan lee

In recent days, Bleeding Cool has run a number of statements from comic book industry figures concerned with Stan Lee‘s … Read More

Mar 10

POW Entertainment Tries to Register ‘Stan Lee’ Trademark Again

stan lee

POW Entertainment is the LA intellectual property and appearance company founded by Stan Lee. It was bought in August last year … Read More

Apr 02

Stan Lee v The Bloodsuckers

The latest in the strange saga of Stan Lee‘s recent life comes to us via TMZ — as it has … Read More

Apr 06

Bleeding Cool Talks to JC Lee About Stan Lee, Ahead of his Return to Comic Shows Today

stan lee JC lee

I just spoke to JC Lee, the daughter of Stan Lee and Joan Lee, in the bath. Or rather she was … Read More

Apr 07

When Todd McFarlane Went to Visit Stan Lee

At the time of writing this last night, Stan Lee was about to head into the show at Silicon Valley … Read More

Apr 08

Fans Express Concern About Stan Lee at Silicon Valley Comic Con

stan lee silicon valley comic con 2018

Stan Lee made his first appearance in months this weekend at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, after a bout of … Read More

Apr 10

Another Take on The Hollywood Reporter Piece on Stan Lee’s Situation #StandByStan

Entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter has posted a round-up of the current plight of comic book legend Stan Lee with … Read More

Apr 10

Stan Lee Told How to Spell His Name During Silicon Valley Comic Con Signing #StandByStan

stan lee silicon valley comic con 2018

It was something that attendees attested to, both on the Silicon Valley Comic Con Facebook page… …and in the comments … Read More

Apr 10

Stan Lee’s Super Subs – JC Lee’s Plans for Her Father’s Legacy

stan lee JC lee

Today’s Hollywood Reporter article by Gary Baum, which details Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee‘s current situation regarding those around him, … Read More

Apr 10

An Open Letter from Neal Adams Regarding Stan Lee #StandByStan

stan lee drawn by neal adams

Legendary comic book creator Neal Adams has written this open letter regarding fellow legendary comic book creator Stan Lee and … Read More

Apr 11

Stan Lee’s Comikaze/LA ComicCon Rebranding Again, Now Beyond Fest Expo LA

L.A. Comic Con Beyond Fest Expo LA

Originally beginning conlife as Stan Lee’s Comikaze, which then became LA ComicCon, the Los Angeles event is rebranding and changing … Read More

Apr 12

Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment Issues Statement to Fans

stan lee POW-Entertainment

POW! Entertainment, which stands for Purveyors of Wonder, is a media production company formed in 2001 by Gill Champion, Arthur … Read More

Apr 12

Keya Morgan Copyrighted Video Shows Stan Lee Calling to Put a Stop to “One-Man Campaign”

TMZ currently appears to be Stan Lee associate Keya Morgan‘s outlet of choice. Today he issued them a video of Stan Lee “calling … Read More

Apr 14

Stan Lee Sues Hands of Respect’s Jerry Olivarez, Claiming Elder Abuse

Stan Lee

Five days ago, the Hollywood Reporter made a series of claims of elder abuse involving Stan Lee, calling for an intermediary … Read More

Apr 22

POW! Entertainment Registers More ‘Stan Lee’ Trademarks for Sleeping Bags, Pizza Crust Mixes and Yoga Mats

He may have an office there, but Stan Lee has seemed to be at odds with his company POW! Entertainment … Read More

May 16

Stan Lee’s Lawsuit Against POW! Entertainment for $1 Billion Raises More Questions

A month ago, when reporting that Stan Lee was suing his ex-business partner Jerry Olivarez on charges of elder abuse, … Read More

May 16

POW! Entertainment Responds to Stan Lee’s Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool looked at the lawsuit that Stan Lee has filed against the company he co-founded, POW! Entertainment, citing … Read More

May 27

Stan Lee Seen to Support Elon Musk’s Pravda on Twitter

Tesla founder and multi-billionaire Elon Musk has announced that he is planning to create a new site named after Pravda, … Read More

Jun 01

Police Called After ‘Suspected Gunmen’ Argue With Stan Lee

Ryan Parr, writing for The Daily Mail, has another Stan Lee exclusive story. This states that police were called after two … Read More

Jun 01

Stan Lee’s John Travolta Photo Tweet Actually from 2 Years Ago

Much has been made of a recent tweet from Stan Lee‘s Twitter account showing himself, his current representative and movie … Read More

Jun 02

Stan Lee Recently Tweeted a Photo of Him and His Brother, but It’s Actually from 2013

There has been a considerable amount of concern expressed of late regarding Stan Lee‘s welfare, with old friends finding themselves … Read More

Jun 11

Stan Lee Associate Keya Morgan Arrested Today in Hollywood

Two weeks ago, Ryan Parry, writing for the Daily Mail, reported that police were called after Stan Lee was held … Read More

Jun 13

Stan Lee Files Restraining Order Against Keya Morgan, Now with His Daughter and Lawyer

Bleeding Cool has been covering the current situation regarding Stan Lee and the people around him over the last few … Read More

Jun 13

Stan Lee Gets Court-Appointed Legal Guardian, Emergency Orders Placed Against Keya Morgan

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that Stan Lee‘s recent manager Keya Morgan had been arrested by Hollywood police, that a … Read More

Jun 14

Stan Lee’s Restraining Orders Allege Keya Morgan Swatted the Police, Committed Elder Abuse

Bleeding Cool has received a copy of both restraining orders placed against Stan Lee‘s business associate and manager, Keya Morgan. … Read More

Jun 14

A Terrible Year in the Life of Stan Lee: A Retrospective

Over the past year, Bleeding Cool has been running a considerable number of stories regarding Stan Lee‘s personal life and … Read More

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