Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction- a mysterious black sarcophagus has been unearthed in Egypt, and no one knows who’s it is.  Okay, well, maybe Anne Rice does.

Author Anne Rice at a book signing in San Francisco, photo by Mary Anne Butler

Back on July 1st, the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr. Mostafa Waziri announced that a spectacular find had been uncovered in Alexandria. A previously unknown tomb revealed an alabaster bust of a person, along with a black sarcophagus.

An Egyptian archaeological mission from the Supreme Council of Antiquities uncovered an ancient tomb dating back to the…

Posted by ‎Ministry of Antiquities وزارة الآثار‎ on Sunday, July 1, 2018

The mistress of vampire voice of generations of children of the night commented on the situation via twitter, in a response to her son Christopher Rice, who is also an author.  But first, a little background on why her tweet matters in context.

If you didn’t know, Anne is not unfamiliar with the Egyptian dead, having written “Ramses: The Damned” in 1989. The novel followed Ramses, former Pharaoh who was given the gift/curse of everlasting life. He was teacher to Cleopatra, and eventually sealed himself up in a tomb after her loss. He’s brought back into consciousness by sunlight in Victorian England; romantic and supernatural adventures ensue.

After so long, it was a delightful surprise when Anne announced that she was teaming up with her son to revisit the character in a sequel, “Ramses The Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra” published in 2017.

So yesterday, Christopher tweeted to Anne, his exclimation of “MOOOOOOOOOOOOM” along with a link about the find probably one of the cutest things:

She then responded, in true Anne Rice fashion:

The internet has been quick to offer their take on the situation, from Indiana Jones and The Mummy (the good one) comparisons to reasons why opening it would be a good idea.

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