It appears, like always, you’re going to be getting some new Pokémon on the way for Pokémon GO, but this time they’re coming from Gen 4. Niantic pushed out this tweet earlier today hyping the second anniversary of the game just before they kick off Pokémon GO Fest, and some keenly-eyed players caught a few in the photo that aren’t in the game.

The three specific ones in the photo are Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig, who all made their debut in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Obviously, it’s just an image, this isn’t an official announcement by the company and there’s no timeframe for anything, so right now it’s all speculation as to if and when they’ll appear in the game. But considering how strategic Niantic has been on revealing characters, it’s safe to say this was no accident. So if their pattern for info holds true, be on the lookout for these new creatures to make their way in the game sometime in the next couple months.

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