Another BioWare departure has caught the eye of many in the industry as they are now saying goodbye to designer James Ohlen. Ohlen didn’t leave under bad terms (that we know of) or in a huff or pissed off at everyone. He simply took to Twitter to let people know he was retiring to catch a break and do something else.

We don’t really have anything lengthy or introspective about this. By all accounts, Ohlen was an awesome guy and one of the finest in his field. He did leave with one more departing tweet before signing off for the day, which has us excited as it’s Odyssey related. Ohlen has a new book coming out called Odyssey of the Dragonlords, which is a “hardcover sourcebook for the fifth edition” that he’s worked on with fellow BioWare employee Jesse Sky and a third unnamed party that we’re guessing we learn the name of soon.

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