We already had a pretty good idea that the world of We Happy Few was not going to be a cheerful one, but the latest trailer just added a new layer to it. Compulsion Games and Gearbox Publishing released a new trailer this week that goes even deeper into the culture and the dangers surrounding the different people and places in the game. Wellington Wells is an insane landscape of early ’60s British culture hopped up on pills that will change your personality and way of thinking in the most rigorous ways possible, while they allow the rest of the world that doesn’t agree with them to go down into the depths of dispair.

credit//Compulsion Games

The trailer does a wonderful job of giving you both sides of the coin. Whether to live in blind happiness where you’re a slave to the system or live in poverty where you must fend for yourself but still have a clear mind about all that’s really going on. We know which side you’d rather choose, but considering everything you’re going to encounter in what now appears to be a much darker society than we once imagined in We Happy Few, it does make us wonder how much harder you’ll fight for survival.

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