Ellie Egleton writes:

Power Punch Boot Camp is an 80-page, full-colour graphic novel perfect for an all-ages audience. With an estimated delivery date of December, Power Punch Boot Camp will make for a great Christmas present for the little superheroes in your life. Guaranteed to promote reading and imagination!

As a lifelong comic book fan, teacher of younglings, and lover of cake, Power Punch Boot Camp is the debut graphic novel of writer Ellie Egleton (that’s me!).

With my first bedtime story being Batman #500 (Bruce Wayne wasn’t even sporting the cape and cowl), I have grown up in comic book shops and at comic conventions. This is where I had the opportunity to meet and interact with amazing creators who inspired me to create my own project — and so, when still at school, I wrote the script to Power Punch Boot Camp.

A little while later, with a bit of tweaking to my original script, I teamed up with Alejandro Rosado, “ALEROART”, who is a Chicago graphic illustrator. Alejandro’s diverse style spans across various art mediums including (but is not limited to) comic books, logos, 3D toy designing, and storyboards. His most recent work includes a story in Lion Forge’s Puerto Rico Strong, and Alejandro is also a bullpen artist for Aw Yeah Comics. Outside of Alejandro’s comic book work, he in a workshop instructor in Chicago for the middle school art program, ‘Making Comics’. Check out Alejandro’s work here.

Together we have finished Power Punch Boot Camp, and the all-ages graphic novel is now readily available to pre-order on Kickstarter! Our campaign is making good progress towards our funding goal. We are already 28% funded with 25 days left (THANK YOU), but we do need continued support to make it to the finish line! As the campaign goes on, guest pin-ups drawn by our friends in the comic book industry will be revealed, including some created by those at Aw Yeah Comics! These will printed in the Power Punch Boot Camp graphic novel.

So, after all of this context, let’s get to what Power Punch Boot Camp is all about…

The Story
The Bonester, a tiny yet terrible wannabe villain, sneaks into the small camp so he can achieve his big dreams. With a summer goal of world domination, the Bonester is angry when the Camp Master places him with the Supers alongside the heroic Skylark, the timid Fish Boy Frank and the hopeless romantic Rock King.
Unsurprisingly with the reluctant Bonester by their side, the Supers quickly disappoint their egoistic leader, Captain Boom, who is anxious to beat the evil Professor Pain. In an attempt to achieve glory, Captain Boom adopts two new Supers but oh boy, what a mistake he makes!

With a traitor on board, the Bonester is forced to make a decision which leaves his plans for world domination in the balance. How far will the Bonester go to save his unlikely friends? Support our project to find out, campers!

As a Bleeding Cool Exclusive, we would like to share with you the origins of your soon to be favourite campers, from Power Punch Boot Camp pages 1-8.

If you like Tiny Titans and Mini Marvels, be sure to check out our Kickstarter.

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