The Weatherman is the second series for Image Comics by Jody LeHeup now with Nathan Fox, his previous series being Shirtless Bear-Fighter.

The two comic books, one about a weatherman on Mars caught up in conspiracy is literally a world away from his first about, well, a shirtless bear fighter. And occasionally a bottomless one as well.

Fuzzy Bear Wipes, a fictional toilet paper company that uses a bottom-wiping bear as a mascot (basically, Charmin) were the big bad of that series. Well, what are they doing in the future? And on Mars?

The Weatherman doesn’t tell us, but does confirm that they are still around. As last week’s Weatherman #4 has Nathan wearing a Fuzzy Wipes Bear suit…

We’ll keep looking. Here’s Ryan Sook‘s cover for The Weatherman #5…


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