The Vision may be the comic that Marvel has most visibly curtailed but it’s not alone in that treatment of late,

Deadpool Assassin is a six-issue series that sees its final issue published in a couple of weeks ago. But that wasn’t the plan.

It was originally meant to be a monthly ongoing series, and writer Cullen Bunn had planned it the first year. The new Marvel regime saw that timeline and content truncated to six twice-monthly issues, which meant artist Mark Bagley was joined by Scott Hanna, Cam Smith, John Dell and others to help complete the book in time.

While Bagley’s book for Marvel, the weekly Venom First Host series had its schedule brought forward significantly so that Ron Lim and others had to be brought in to take on issues. 

Added to his pages in the Miles Morales Spider-Man Annual and Marvel may have over-committed Mark Bagley a little this year…


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