Focused Feedback – The Grappler

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Introduction to Focused Feedback

Focused feedback will be a thread made every week to discuss a certain topic such as an item in game and discuss its place in the current meta, any issues it may have and how it could be improved or nerfed to match the game standards. These threads are aimed to isolate the main discussion and concerns about whatever topic is set for that week and to keep it within the thread.

We are going to be making these Focused Feedback threads every week with a new topic to discuss and have meta type discussion within this thread.

We have also created a focused feedback wiki page which will be updated with all the weekly threads and you can find all the topics on here as the weeks go by.

The type of discussion we expect to see in these threads would include:

  • Its current state in the game
  • Improvements which could be made
  • Any negative alterations which could be made
  • If something needs to be removed completely and the reasoning why
  • general feeling and community consensus of the current topic

The first topic we would like to focus on this week is: grapplers

Keep all discussion regarding this topic within this thread and give negative and positive feedback on this topic. You are free to express and discuss your feelings on this topic, its place in the current meta and anything which you may think should be changed about it.

Discuss what you really enjoy or really dislike about it, any and all conversation/feedback is welcome and accepted.

Keep discussion relating to the topic set, any irrelevant content would be subject to removal. Please remember that the sub rules still apply.

Please feel free to access the focused feedback wiki page to review all the past threads compiled here.

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