If you are in a comic store that has ordered the Beyond Galactus hardcover, you will know about it. It needs a shelf of its own. In London, Orbital Comics keeps a copy on a reading stand near the back till for people to flick through. It is an amazing reproduction of the work of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, as well as other tributes, from one of the most exciting times in superhero comic books, the Fantastic Four’s first Galactus storyline.

And it appears that Marvel wants to do it again.

In May they will be publishing a Kirby Is Fantastic King-Sized Hardcover.

400 pages long, almost two foot in height and over a foot in width, for a hundred dollars, we don’t know what is inside it. But odds are it’s going to be Jack Kirby from the title. And probably more Fantastic Four – though the title gives room for other books.

Start saving up now? And making space on the bookshelf that you have just for the first one, for a second one?

Here’s a look at how big the first one was, courtesy of vintage_paper_451…

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