Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week. It can be a lot to keep up with. So we are here to help. Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: Aladdin gets a huge wave of products, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil gets its first wave of Pops, and MCU fans have two cool Infinity War pieces to track down. Let’s take a look!

Funko Star Vs the Forces of Evil Star
Funko Star Vs the Forces of Evil Star Butterfly Exclusive
Funko Star Vs the Forces of Evil Tom
Funko Star Vs the Forces of Evil Maro
Funko Star Vs the Forces of Evil Lubo

The wildly popular Star Vs the Forces of Evil joins the Funko Pop family, with Star, Tom, Marco, and the evil Ludo all getting cool looking Pops. A Butterfly Mode Star will be a Hot Topic exclusive. Look for these in December.

Funko Aladdin 5 Star 1
Funko Aladdin 5 Star 2
Funko Aladdin 5 Star 3
Funko Aladdin 5 Star 4
Funko Aladdin Keychain 1
Funko Aladdin Keychain 2

Disney’s Aladdin gets one of the biggest waves of product Funko has ever done for an individual Disney film. First, four 5 Star figures will be available, each coming with a smaller character. There will also be Genie and Abu Pop keychains.

Funko Aladdin Mystery Minis
Funko Aladdin Plush

A Wave of Mystery Minis and plush will also be available. Target will have three exclusive Minis in their stores.

Funko Aladdin Movie Moment Carpet Ride

One of the most iconic scenes in Disney history gets a Funko Movie Moment, as Aladdin and Jasmine’s magic carpet ride is immortalized.

Funko Aladdin Jasmine Disguise
Funko Aladdin Jasmine Chase
Funko Aladdin Iago
Funko Aladdin Elephant Abu
Funko Aladdin Genie with Lamp
Funko Aladdin Glow Genie in Lamp
Funko Aladdin Prince Ali

Finally, a wave of Pops will also be coming. Prince Ali, elephant Abu, Iago, and Jasmine in her disguise are coming, with Jasmine getting a chase version. Two versions of Genie will be available, with a Glow version a specialty series exclusive in comic shops and such.

Funko Marvel Infinity Gauntlet

On the Marvel side of things, Hot Topics will be getting a Funko version of the Infinity Gauntlet inside of a dome. This felt inevitable, and depending on the final product could be a tough get.

Funko Marvel Infinity War Movie Moment

Finally, the ending of Infinity War is also immortalized as a Movie Moment. My only ding on this is that Thanos should have his hand up in a snapping position, other than that this is pretty cool. Both of these will be available in December.

Most of these products can be ordered or preordered right here.

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