Reupload because halberd decided he “didn’t like it” after it had been out for months and hit 20k+ (he not slick I knew what was really up) smh. I hope ya’ll enjoy though

I know you’re always there for me
And I’m so bad at being there for you
Music done took me far away
Let me tell you, ya ain’t got a clue
Ain’t even spoken that much to my crew
Me and you gon chill and talk about it
Stories I’ve been told
Novels that I’ve lived through
Something out a movie but I swear it’s all true
Cross my heart and hope to decease
Funny cuz I’m past dead and I don’t have a heart
But I know you’d prolly say “Real, don’t even start
You just lyin’ to the mirror, so diminish the thought”

(Feelin’ like Lupin the 3rd
Said I’d hit you back ASAP
And I am a man of my word
It’s just that my timing is off
It’s just that my timing is off) x2

Anyways you’d be right, you usually are
But you still understand why I have a scar
On every micrometer of my body
Yet my skin is like a star
Aint gon’ supernova anytime soon
I’ve come too far
Yet when I get close
The medicine you have
I need a hefty dose
I prolly don’t deserve it
I’m unreliable
But you still serve it