It kinda goes without saying that while Rockstar Games made a fine western with Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s still basically GTA in the old west. Meaning whatever you feel like doing, no matter how violent or crazy, you can do it if you truly wish, even if what you’re doing would be reprehensible by human standards. Earlier this week, a YouTuber named Shirrako found out what it’s like to be on the wrong end of history, so to speak, when the footage below (which has been clipped together) shows him beating up an NPC suffragette, then hog-tying her, dragging her through the streets, feeding her to a crocodile, and then blowing her up with dynamite.

The act got him banned from the platform, only for him to be unbanned a short time later, explaining to Motherboard that the act was not political, and that he only wanted to shop the gallery in peace. While that story may work for them, it sounds like garbage to most gamers on social media. If you truly just want to shut an NPC up, you can simply shoot them where they stand and move along with the consequences. The dragging, feeding, and explosions not only took longer, but took him away from shopping and made his Wanted rating so high that he’d have to leave town for a good long while. Sorry, kid. We don’t buy it.

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