Nickelodeon Sonic, India’s first channel for the action-loving generation, will premiere the brand-new made-for-television Shiva mini movie Shiva Vs Rubberman on Sunday 10th February 2019 at 11:30am!

Shiva follows the adventures of 9 year old boy Shiva, a regular school going fun loving kid who enjoys being with his friends. The story sees a twist in mood with the introduction of conflict due to danger from villains, and Shiva – with the help of his Super Gadget cycle, fighting skills and his intelligence – will help save the town and people in danger. Whenever there’s trouble you can bet on Shiva to come to the rescue – this super kid is always fighting crime and saving people using his amazing gadgets! Shiva Vs Rubber Man is the show’s latest made-for-TV movie.

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