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it’s time for the 2nd single from m-cubed’s “sounds from wednesday evening” LP. looks like you’ve been enjoying the first one so far ❤ it's been beautiful to see the comments and support.

"edge of limp" is another one that's been waiting to see the light of day for far too long now. stoked that we are finally able to share it with our fans. a dreamy one, with a really dancey vibe once it fully kicks in, great for club settings. get out of your chair and move arounddd.

only one wednesday left to go – next wedensday we are dropping the rest of the entire LP! yep, that's right – we are posting all of the remaining tracks in one single day. be prepared for a vibey journey.

[artwork by Seakid Mollusk] @seakidmollusk

[artwork by Seakid Mollusk] @seakidmollusk