Caty is out for the week, and last time this happened, we recorded an episode of the show called “BOYS TIME.” But we’ve grown up a lot since then. We’re no longer the immature whippersnappers we were in that ep. So now, it’s MEN’S TIME – we’re talking about the things “gamer men” love. Buckle up, whip out the Ray-Bans, fire up the oldies radio, and join us.

4:15 – The little free time we have
12:00 – Seein’ what the kids are up to
19:07 – A space for gamer men?
27:15 – Gear
34:52 – Kyle’s new receiver
36:46 – Talking about The Industry
41:00 – ?Esports?
45:05 – Protecting our kids
47:15 – Takin’ stock

Intro music is TABOO by Seiho
Outro is a thing Kyle made