This is strictly a 30 min Mass Effect themed mix (with music and voices, from the game) and it almost took the life out of me mixing it… so who ever is listening to this, I hope you enjoy it. If I don’t like it, I don’t upload it but this mix is more then worthy for the world to hear. Show me some love, follow and/or subscribe to QuaveStation and I might do more. R.I.P to me if I decide to create another mix.

Custom Quave-station (Planet-X)

Songs used in the creation of this mix (Tracklisting):

◾ Uncharted Worlds (Mass Effect 1)
◾ Normandy Crash Site (Mass Effect 2)
◾ The Attack (Mass Effect 2)
◾ The Normandy (Mass Effect 1)
◾ Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2)
◾ Mars (Mass Effect 3)
◾ Liara’s World (Mass Effect 1)
◾ Love Theme (Mass Effect 1)
◾ Tali (Mass Effect 2)
◾ Legion (Mass Effect 2)
◾ Grunt (Mass Effect 2)
◾ The Lazarus Project (Mass Effect 2)