to all my chatters on the IRC
throw your laptops in the air
but don’t crack the screen
chat hard, real hard, but try not to be mean
to everybody you see, or you’ll be catchin giga-b’s
keep a low profile, floss your own chat style
you’ll be here for a while, trust me young child
Real Nigga Chat Protocol – yahmean mah G?

crack my laptop open, lines bout to be spoken, my modem’s coastin
another friday night, LRH is on, i’ll be awake i’m hopin
and two days ago, i saw my favorite show, ENN my bro
and be you friend or foe, we already know, that episode was SMOKIN
chatters here one day, then gone the next, i guess it’s too much stress
but not for all us smashin lines right now, cause we at our best
this development is our element and any other shit is irrelevant
it ain’t for sale, i ain’t sellin it, but i’m tellin it to get it off my chest

feelin kinda funky, chat with vap0r and munki, rebirth n spoke
and efukt hill, chrono, and synth, penis pump 4 life we ain’t no joke
there’s others too, i did not forget you, but for now i’m through, now onto some news
nance and incog got 12 children, more on the way, and haven’t even poked.
Dwaine’s the holiest man i know, save a prayer for me, i need it yo
l0de hung out with sayjay once, she fell in love, thrashed to and fro
got her tranny friend to talk her shit, thought she was slick, n we saw through it
now they’re both gone, can’t chat – oh crap, ain’t that a shame, see ya later hoes

i keep hearin crap about tinychat, i’m alright with that, but facts are facts
irc reigns supreme, and if you disagree, quit and don’t come back
mircart got packs, those stacks and stacks of art inspired by hard chats
infox still fat, ilken can’t hack, threatened by dak, SHOUTOUTS 2 PHRACK
darkmage tutors, fortnite shooter, saltgang run by anj and jewbird
and we’re still here, year after year, you can toke to that or drink a beer
and it gets real weird, but have no fear, it’ll all be clear
that there is where we belong, we are IRC, PENIS PUMP ya queers