Originally Live: January 21st 2018

Andy & James are back with another episode of The Tally-Ho Show (the bigwigs at Twitch & Soundcloud haven’t told us to stop doing this yet, so we must be doing something right)!

On this weeks episode we talk about what the most anticipated game for 2018 is going to be, which is better: retro gaming or next gen gaming & how do we feel about small franchises made by big companies and should some of them make a come back.
Not only that but our current King of the Throne of Games Sonic The Hedgehog must defend his title againist a NEW CHALLENGER!!! Who is it that’s wanting to take the crown? Tune into find out!

Plus we also have some killer tunes to help soothe your ears as well, and Facebook makes an appearance too? It’s all here and more on Episode 01 of The Tally-Ho Show!

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00:26 Hyper Potion – Friends
04:01 Metropolis Street Racer – It Doesn’t Really Matter
48:51 Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow – Victory Road
49:55 Dragon Ball Z: Budōkai Tenkaichi 2 – Dark Half
01:15:11 Final Fantasy VII – Battle Theme
01:17:53 Bomberman Hero – Redial
01:50:08 Tomb Raider Legend – Croft Manor
01:53:48 Double Dragon Neon – City Streets 2 (Mango Tango – Neon Jungle)
02:33:35 The Throne of Games Winners Song
02:37:39 War of Brains – FEEL the POWER in YOUR SOUL

Throne of Games Theme: Game of Thrones Theme [8 Bit Tribute to Game of Thrones] – 8 Bit Universe (

Artwork Made By La-Nita: