Finally finished an album after a few years. I’ve constantly been making adjustments to songs, production choices, etc. and finally decided to put a pin in it and call it done!

The concept of the album is exploring the birth, death, and rebirth of the universe through various lenses and mythologies. It follows the initial birth of matter (“Genesis,” which establishes a musical theme utilized periodically in the album), the formation of celestial bodies (Primordial Flame), the creation of earth via the Ymir myth, and the triumphant journey of man across earth (Hunter Gatherer). “Verdancy” is definitely the odd-ball, and was intended to create a dreamlike trance, where the listener is witnessing the explosion of life on a planet. It’s a fairy-tale “trip” of sorts.

The album takes a turn in mood at the track “Elohim” and starts exploring nihilism and destruction. From that track, it’s a musical exploration of the fall of the human race by their own hands. “Nuclear Winter” ends that journey on a note of duality. The track follows a narrative of watching as everything burns, nuclear ash descends, and the world is poisoned by our own hands. The “character” realizes that everything is ending, but sees the beauty in it through a dazed, dying viewpoint. It’s an acceptance of fate, and experiencing one’s final, dying moments.

“Ragnarok” is pretty straight forward in concept. I wanted to write a soundtrack to the Ragnarok story in Norse mythology, which concludes the death, but subsequent rebirth of the world. It’s basically a sonic battle of the gods at ar. This track also utilizes a bastardization of the “Genesis” theme, in an ironic, sinister way.

“Af Engu” means “of nothing” in Icelandic, and this track is pretty odd in concept. It’s inspired by the story of Galactus in the Marvel comics. The character is escaping from the physical collapse of the universe, and witnessing the end of everything. The long interlude follows this event, with the character experiencing…nothing. Lost in time, space, reality, they are disoriented and witnessing cosmic null. Once the song picks up again, they begin to realize that everything is contracting in a “big crunch.” Memories, lives, futures, and pasts all come flooding in to their consciousness, but it ultimately returns to nothing. The track ends abruptly, and is intended to loop back to the first track “Genesis.”

Overall, the album is intended to be a synesthetic journey about the potentially cyclical nature of the universe. It explores emotions and concepts within science, religion, nature, our own humanity, and the necessary balance of life and death. I intend to add vocals to these tracks eventually, but lyricism and poetry do not come naturally to me, and I want to collaborate with other artists to add a new dimension to each track.