New single from @saticamusic – “Check$”
Music Video:

Written by Satica
Produced by Mike Derenzo, AObeats

“Check$ is dedication to my mother. As the daughter of two Khmer Rouge genocide survivors, I have watched my parents sacrifice their own well being to make sure I had a fair chance at a better life in America. Struggling with severe PTSD and mental illness from the atrocities my parents experienced, I wrote this song the same day my mother was omitted to the hospital during the summer of 2016. As a child of a refugee, this has been a constant battle growing up. That day, I had two options; stay home and weep, or write about it. So I decided to express my gratitude and also part guilt for choosing this unconventional life as a singer songwriter. If i could give the whole world to my family, I would. But for now, all I have is my love.” – SATICA

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