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  • Collection of Ballads, A by LANG, Andrew
    This is a collection of ballads, edited, with an introduction and notes by Andrew Lang. The ballads range widely in style, from the historic to the romantic, from the short to the epic, from Scotland to France. Some of the material is the fabric of well-known fairy-tales, others have a historical core, and again others are myths. In any case, every reader and listener should be able to find a poem in this collection that matches their particular style or mood. - Summary by Carolin
  • History of Mary Prince, The by PRINCE, Mary
    Mary Prince was born into slavery in the West Indies. As a free woman in England she wrote her memoirs, which sold well and supported and publicised the anti-slavery movement. NB This book contains racial vocabulary and refers to physical and sexual abuse that some listeners may find offensive or distressing. (Newgatenovelist)
  • At Minas Basin and Other Poems by RAND, Theodore Harding
    This is a volume by Canadian poet and educator Theodore H. Rand. The poems are short and varied, with beautiful expressions and reflecting many different emotions. - Summary by Carolin
  • Joan Thursday by VANCE, Louis Joseph
    Minor potboiler is a change of pace from the author of the Lone Wolf detective series. Tenement beauty (and wannabe stage-star) Joan Thursby seeks to raise herself up out of the gutter in 1900's New York City, in a precursor to superior soaps like Stella Dallas a decade later. Full of the kind of purple prose common to writers prone to overuse of the thesaurus, and leavened with a bit of humor, the basic story is still entertaining for fans of low-brow lit. - Summary by Matt Pierard
  • Folk-Lore and Legends: Scandinavian by TIBBITS, Charles John
    Thanks to Thiele, to Hylten-Cavallius and Stephens, and to Asbjörnsen and Moe, Scandinavian Folklore is well to the front. Its treasures are many, and of much value. One may be almost sorry to find among them the originals of many of our English tales. Are we indebted to the folk of other nations for all our folk-tales? It would almost seem so. I have introduced into the present volume only one or two stories from the Prose Edda. Space would not allow me to give so much of the Edda as I could have wished. In selecting and translating the matter for this volume, I have endeavoured to make the book such as would afford its readers a fair general view of the main features of the Folklore of the North. - Summary by Charles John Tibbits
  • Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 4: Part 3: Nisida (version 2) by DUMAS, Alexandre
    Dumas, with the assistance of several friends, compiled Celebrated Crimes, an eight-volume collection of essays on famous criminals and crimes from European history. . This volume tells the story of the infamous prison on Nisida a small island near Naples. - Summary by Michele Eaton
  • Suppressed Poems by SCHILLER, Friedrich
    This is a collection of poems by German classical poet Friedrich Schiller. These poems have all been suppressed in the past for different reasons. Some of these reasons are evident, others less so. All of the poems are very interesting to read and to listen to. - Summary by Carolin
  • Rebellion by PATTERSON, Joseph
    Cinematic in style and rich in characterization, this novel is set in early 20th century Chicago – in a barroom, at home, and in the workplace. An alcoholic convinces himself of the reasonableness of “just one drink”. A priest defends the Church’s position on the indissolubility of marriage. It is a story of relationships impacted by human frailties, unusual generosity, and religion. “It is almost photographic in its accuracy of detail.” – The New York Herald “Every person in it is someone you know.” – The Call “The author permits the representatives of the old order to present their arguments. For the new order he presents simply the facts of such a case as Georgia’s. It is for this reason that the book is strong.” –The New York Times The author’s personal history, including his founding of the NY Daily News, is covered at (Lee Smalley)
  • Over the Hills and Far Away: A Story of New Zealand by EVANS, Charlotte
    One of the very first New Zealand novels, Over the Hills and Far Away is a heavily romanticised tale of a woman's journey from England to Otago, New Zealand, and her subsequent experiences in the wild new colony. - Summary by Lewis Fletcher
  • Peeps at People - Being Certain Papers from the Writings of Anne Warrington Witherup by BANGS, John Kendrick
    Written by a fictitious first-person narrator, this book puts a humorous spin on encounters with several famous people of the time. "I set forth from my office in London upon my pilgrimage to the shrines of the world's illustrious. Readers everywhere are interested in the home life of men who have made themselves factors in art, science, letters, and history, and to these people I was commissioned to go." -- Summary by TriciaG and from the book.