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  • Fourth Dimension, The by HINTON, Charles Howard
    "Mr Hinton tries to explain the theory of the fourth dimension so that the ordinary reasoning mind can get a grasp of what metaphysical mathematicians mean by it. If he is not altogether successful, it is not from want of clearness on his part, but because the whole theory comes as such an absolute shock to all one's preconceived ideas" - The Bristol Times (quoted within the book). This book was published in 1912. The author is attempting to communicate a very complex interweaving of philosophy and mathematics, and it is often difficult to follow his train of thought. However, it is hard to refute his idea of a four dimensional universe passing through and, in a way, creating our three dimensional one. For sections 1-9, the reader attempted to describe the illustrations in the text, but as the pictures were getting more complex, a separate PDF file of illustrations was created, copied from the pages of the book. It can be downloaded from the catalog page on or via the link "Extracted illustrations of the book" on the left side below. (Summary by Peter Yeasley)
  • Tommy and Grizel by BARRIE, J. M.
    This book continues Sentimental Tommy, also in the Librivox catalogue. Tommy grows up and marries Grizel. But life are not only roses and rainbows. This book has all the elements of a good love story, but it is also a book about growing up and finding out your distinct voice in the world. - Summary by Stav Nisser.
  • Children's Wonder Book, The by VARIOUS
    This is a wild mix of different children's stories by different authors. All lof the stories are original, and some of them use a well-known story and bring a novel and often humorous twist to it. Children of all ages and all different tastes should find something they particulalry like in this collection. - Summary by Carolin
  • National Geographic Magazine Vol. 08 - 03. March 1897, The by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY
    The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the March Number. It includes the following articles: Storms and Weather Forecasts, by Willis L. Moore Rubber Forests of Nicaragua and Sierra Leone, by Gen. A. W. Greely Recent Explorations in Equatorial Africa, by E. De Sasseville Geographic Literature, Serials and Notes
  • Glory Of The Conquered, The by GLASPELL, Susan
    "The Glory Of The Conquered, The Story Of A Great Love" is Susan Glaspell's first novel. It tells the story of Karl, who was blinded after being injured by a lab experiment and his wife, Ernestine, who nursed him". - Summary by Stav Nisser.
  • From Slave Cabin To Pulpit and Sketches Of Slave Life by RANDOLPH, Peter
    Peter Randolph was born a slave in 1825 (?), was freed before the American Civil War, and became a clergyman in the Baptist tradition, dying in 1897. This is his 1893 autobiography. The latter third of the book is a slightly edited re-publication of a pamphlet he published in 1855 (so before the Civil War) entitled 鈥淪ketches Of Slave Life." This recording omits chapter fourteen of "From Slave Cabin To Pulpit" because it is only a several-pages-long list of friends of the author with no narrative.
  • Haunted London by THORNBURY, Walter
    London: one of the oldest and most populous cities in the world. Surely it holds a few secrets within its ancient walls and the stories of ghostly presences abound.
  • Clementina by MASON, A. E. W.
    This well-written novel is a fictional account of a true historical rescue mission. In 1719, at the age of 17, when she was on her way across Europe to marry James Stuart, the Catholic pretender to the British throne, Princess Maria Clementina Sobieska was kidnapped and held prisoner by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, with the approval of his ally, the Protestant king of England. The king feared that the marriage would produce heirs who might raise a rebellion against the Crown, though Stuart鈥檚 own rebellion had failed four years earlier. But Irish soldier of fortune and Stuart's ablest spy, hatches a daring plot to rescue the princess. Filled with spies, romance, palace intrigue and uncertain loyalties, this is the story of how Charles Wogan, once indicted for High Treason in Protestant England, set out to play his part on the international stage. Failure would mean certain death at the hands of Wogan's powerful enemies. But would success bring the result he expects? (Jacquerie)Prooflisteners: Betty M. and Linette Geisel
  • Ravensdene Court by FLETCHER, J. S.
    Leonard Middlebrook, a young attorney with, among other things, a bibliographical interest, accepts an invitation to lonely Ravensdene Court on the Northumbrian coast. There, Francis Raven, the owner, recently retired to the family property after an Indian career, finds himself in possession of an enormous number of old books and other items, and needs help in evaluating them. The attorney, though a man of quiet life -- even dull, as he puts it -- finds himself suddenly at the center of a darkening mystery that stretches from the British Isles to the Far East, and eventually threatens not only him but also the young and spirited Miss Raven, Francis鈥檚 niece. ( Nicholas Clifford)
  • Fausto by CAMPO, Estanislao del
    En este tradicional poema de la literatura gauchesca argentina, el gaucho Anastasio "el Pollo" se encontr贸 con su amigo Laguna en el camino. Mientras sus caballos descansaban y se refrescaban, "Pollo" le revel贸 a Laguna que recientemente hab铆a visto al Diablo, mientras visitaba el teatro Col贸n en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Acompa帽ado por varios tragos de ginebra, Laguna escuch贸 la historia de Fausto, experimentada por su amigo "Pollo". - Summary by mariemdover