Nickelodeon Turkey To Premiere “Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special” On Sunday 27th August 2017

Pack your bags and head to summer camp with your favourite Nickelodeon stars in the brand-new special Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special, premiering Sunday 27th August 2017 at 09:10 on Nickelodeon Turkey (Türkiye)!

In Nickelodeon’s brand-new hour-long Sizzling Summer Camp Special, locally titled Nickelodeon’ın Cızırtılı Yaz Kampı Özel, your favourite Nickelodeon stars are celebrating summer at Camp Nickelodeon sleep-away camp. Interspersed with comedy sketches and music videos, our heroes find themselves in danger when they learn that their campsite is haunted by several mysterious, legendary creatures!

Sizzling Summer Camp Special features: Jace Norman, Ella Anderson, Riele Downs and Sean Ryan Fox from Henry Danger; Jack Griffo, Kira Kosarin, Maya Le Clark and Chris Tallman from The Thundermans; Lizzy Greene, Casey Simpson, Mace Coronel, Kyla Drew Simmons, Aidan Gallagher, Brian Stepanek, and Allison Munn from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn; Jade Pettyjohn, Aidan Miner, Breanna Yde, Ricardo Hurtado, and Tony Cavalero from School of Rock; and Nickelodeon Talent JoJo Siwa and Jagger Eaton!

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In additional news, Nickelodeon Türkiye today started to premiere Every Witch Way season three at 22:30!

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Never Mind, Everybody, It’s Called ‘’ Again

Hey, remember when Blizzard callously killed the “” name, a beloved moniker for its online service in games like StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch that dates all the way back to 1996? Well, the blue giant has now decided to un-kill it.

In a blog post, Blizzard explained that they’re forcing us to ride this rollercoaster of brands and emotions that’s a perfect summation of life in the digital age because of fan feedback to the first name change.


“We understood that stood for something special,” the company wrote. “It represents years of shared history and enjoyment, community and friendship, for all of us and our players… The technology was never going away, but after giving the branding change further consideration and also hearing your feedback, we’re in agreement that the name should stay as well.”

Don’t think, however, that your precious Battle Dot Net is escaping entirely unscathed. Originally, Blizzard planned to do away with the name and simply call its service “Blizzard.” Now, though, the company has done some good old-fashioned corporate Voltron-ing to create’s final form: “Blizzard”

After months of hard work, I imagine Blizzard’s Council Of Very Serious Name-Givers must be exhausted. Now, perhaps, they can finally rest.

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After Charlottesville, I Asked My Dad About Selma

Credit: AP

Over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacists held a rally that escalated into violence. An activist, a paralegal named Heather Heyer, was killed after a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters. I usually write about video games on this site, but today I need to talk to my dad, who marched in Selma in 1965.

I try to tell myself, when I feel especially silly for writing about Pokémon Snapchat filters, Sims vampires or other light video game stuff, that the readers of Kotaku need distractions just like anyone else. If you’re particularly traumatized from watching a video of protesters being run over, maybe you need me to write a funny quiz about Mario or whatever. Sometimes I feel guilty about what my contributions to society lack compared to those of my father, who grew up in the segregated south. My dad protested and went to jail and put his life on the line to make a better world.


I am so proud of my father, and I’ve started to use him as a marker to hold myself up to. When the world is violent and confusing, he’s the person I turn to. When I was a kid, I didn’t really understand the significance of what he’s lived through, but now I try to ask him for guidance as much as I can. I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps. What better a person to ask about how I should feel and act in times of political upheaval than a guy who did the damn thing already?

I recall being 14, sitting in his sister’s house, relaxing after dinner. I was a teenager, and moody, opting out of the post-dinner movie with my cousins and my brothers to catch up on a full schedule of sulking. As I sat on the couch, lamenting that I’d been dragged into a boring family trip, my father and his sister started talking about their childhood. He started talking about marching. I’d never heard him talk about this before. His voice was light and jovial. It almost sounded like he was telling a joke.

“So we go to the end of the bridge,” he said, smiling, “and I see the dogs. I start asking myself, ‘Well, am I gonna get bit by those dogs, or am I gonna jump?’”


Later in life I found out more things about my father. He was put in solitary for nearly a month for doing a sit-in at a lunch counter. He remembers the klan marching through his neighborhood when he was about five. Visiting me in New York, he remarked that the houses in Queens, with their small gardens and metallic fences, reminded him of Selma. I asked if he ever missed it. He said, quickly, and with a great certainty, “No.”

Before I began having these talks with my father, the Selma march was just a moment in my history textbook. That kind of violent racism felt so distant. I could drink from the same water fountains as my white peers, sit at the same lunch counters, attend the same schools. In my adolescent mind, segregation was as old as slavery. It had nothing to do with me. On that night in my aunt’s house, as I sat silently on the couch, I learned how wrong I was. The history of segregation, of America’s racism, was so close I could reach out and touch it. He was, and is, my guide on how to keep my head above water when things feel out of control. If he did it, then so can I. So can we.

Sometimes I look at my life and wonder what I am doing with my dad’s legacy. He might not think of it this way, but I know that I do. When Selma marchers were awarded the gold congressional medal of honor in 2016, my mother urged my dad to figure out how he could get one. I, his daughter, write about video games for a living.


It’s not like he isn’t proud of me. I know for a fact that he prints out my articles and leaves them around the office. Whenever I go back to visit, my parents’ friends tell me that he never stops talking about me. I bought him a Kotaku t-shirt for Christmas and he put it on right after he opened it. Still, I know that my father’s actions helped shape the America that I live in. The Voting Rights Act of 1965, which he fought for, helped bring the vote to everyone. There is an Oscar-nominated movie about the march to Montgomery, across the Edmund Pettus bridge, where my father was chased by dogs. He would have been about 19 at the time. My dad helped change the world.

Dad does not like to look back, a trait I picked up from him. Lately, he has been forced to. In 2013, when the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was partially struck down, I texted my dad to see how he was feeling. All he said was “sad.” When George Zimmerman, the man who shot teenager Trayvon Martin, was found not guilty of second degree murder, my father and I were sitting in the living room of my childhood home. My dad loves to laugh, and, whenever I’m having a hard time, his immediate response is to make me crack a smile. That night he silently left the room, went to bed early. On the night of the 2016 election, I called my dad, drunk and sobbing. He had gone to sleep before the results came in. This is also his strategy when he’s watching basketball and the game’s going badly—better to rest well with some hope than go to bed hopeless. I told him the news, and I heard the words catch in his throat, “You’re joking. You’re joking.”


Today on the phone, my dad told me that when he was young, he didn’t want to have children. “For a long time I didn’t want to have any kids because hey, you know what, this place sucks. Why should I bring anybody into an environment like this?” he said. “I changed my mind. Sometimes I think, ‘Oh my god, these kids are gonna have a big struggle, man.’ Right now it’s looking like the things I thought were behind us are not.”

Dad told me that he didn’t think I was going to have to go through what he went through, but now he can see that he was wrong. “This fight is a never-ending fight,” he said. “There’s no end to it. I think after the ‘60s, the whole black revolution, Martin Luther King, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael and all the rest of the people, after that happened, people went to sleep,” he said. “They thought, ‘this is over.’” He says that the stories of the civil rights movement weren’t recorded or celebrated the way that they should have been, and our history and heroes were too quickly forgotten. My father says that white supremacists never stopped fighting, and that while we rested on our laurels, they kept at it. “They still praise their heroes, like Robert E. Lee and all those people. But we didn’t.”

Repeatedly he urged me to make a difference. He says, with my job, I have a great potential to be a voice for change. But the suggestions he makes for direct action surprised me, especially in light of what I know that he did in the 60s. They’re small, gentle actions. Tell the stories of the civil rights movement, and the stories of our culture now. “Including in games,” he said. “It’s a whole culture thing that we have to fight. At every level.” For our generation at large, he tells me, again and again, that we have to do something.


“You gotta speak and engage with people. They have to know you and understand you and not feel afraid of you,” he said. “You can’t just sit back, oh, just because the country had a president like Barack Obama, that everything’s okay. Individuals have to make a difference.”

It’s nice to hear this from my father, because these are things that feel doable. I worry, all the time, that I’m just not doing enough. I want to be able to be an advocate and to engage in meaningful activism, but to be honest I’m afraid. While I know my father and his generation were able to end segregation, in his day, he told me, the klan wore hoods. In Charlottesville, over the weekend, the white supremacists did not cover their faces. They felt safe enough not to.

Before I hang up with my dad, I remind him of my drunken phone call from election night. That night, I’d asked him if he felt scared when he was young. That night, he told me that he wasn’t scared. He thought he could change the world. “Do you think we still can?” I ask.


He paused. “I think that was the mentality in the ‘60s, that we could,” he said. “I don’t think we have that. But it can come back. We can come out, in numbers, singing and shouting, and we can bring it back. We can change the world, for the better.”

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Pokemon Dev Says Ruby/Sapphire Were The “Most Challenging” Games To Make

Following a successful title is a daunting task for any developer, but that’s especially true for a series as popular as Pokemon. Pokemon director Junichi Masuda recently revealed to Game Informer that the series’ first Game Boy Advance installments, Ruby and Sapphire, were actually the most challenging Pokemon titles to make.

Part of the reason Ruby and Sapphire posed such a problem for Game Freak was due to the Game Boy Advance’s hardware, which was more powerful than what the developers were accustomed to. “With Ruby and Sapphire, the screen got a little longer and it was a different aspect ratio, [and it had] a lot more colors and sound channels so the tech was improved dramatically,” Masuda said. “It allowed us to do a lot more and gave us more freedom, but at the same time it made it take a lot longer to do things and was more resource-intensive.”

The biggest challenge, according to Masuda, was following the success of the series’ first full sequels, Pokemon Gold and Silver, which arrived during the crest of the Pokemon phenomenon. Following their release, however, many felt the series had run its course. “After Gold and Silver came out, it was a huge hit around the world, but shortly after everyone was saying, ‘That’s it. The Pokemon fad is over! It’s dead!'” Masuda said. “At the time, the atmosphere and general thinking was that the Pokemon fad was over and there was huge pressure to prove people wrong.”

Masuda revealed he was so stressed during the games’ development that he was at one point hospitalized. “I got really stressed out and had to go to the hospital and had some stomach issues and had to get a camera inserted and they didn’t know what it was–very stressful,” Masuda said. “The night before release I had a dream that it was a complete failure, a total nightmare.”

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire originally released in the US in 2003. The games would be remade a decade later for 3DS as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Along with improved visuals, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire built upon the original games with a number of new elements, including Mega Evolution, new story scenarios, and more.

The Pokemon series’ next installments, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, are slated to arrive on November 17. Like Sun and Moon before them, the pair are set in the Alola region but tell an “alternate story.” Players who purchase either title before January 10, 2018 will receive a free bonus: a special Rockruff that can evolve into the newly revealed Dusk Form Lycanroc.

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Deadpool 2 Stuntwoman Killed After On-Set Accident

A stuntwoman has died on the set of Deadpool 2. It has been confirmed that the death occurred as a result of a motorcycle accident while the movie was shooting in Vancouver.

According to Variety, the unnamed stuntwoman crashed into the glass window of the city’s Shaw Tower. The site reports that the stunt had been completed successfully four times, but the stuntwoman lost control of the bike on the fifth run-through.

Following the accident, Vancouver police tweeted a short statement:

A spokesman for producers Fox commented, “We are deeply saddened by the accident that occurred on the set of Deadpool 2 this morning. Our hearts and prayers are with the family, friends, and colleagues of our crew member during this difficult time.”

Deadpool 2 is currently set for release on June 1, 2018. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz, and will be directed by David Leitch.

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Nickelodeon Brazil To Premiere “Vikki RPM” On Monday 18th September 2017

Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil) will start to premiere and show Vikki RPM, Nickelodeon Latin America’s (Latinoamérica) brand-new teen drama series inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet that follows two kart racers who fall in love despite their families’ rivalry, on Monday 18th September 2017 at 19:00!

Vikki RPM gives a fun new twist to the story of Romeu e Julieta, taking it to the race track of Ciudad del Este, where Max and Victoria compete and fall in love despite the rivalry between their two families. Both run as they are; Max is a serious and methodical boy, while Victoria is impulsive and mischievous. On the track they are rivals, but outside the world of go-karting, they are inseparable. It is a dangerous sport, but the real danger lies in falling in love with your opponent. Vikki RPM will be shot entirely on location in Miami with Latin American talent.

Based on an original idea by Eduardo Jiménez-Pons and produced by Somos Productions for Nickelodeon Latinoamérica, Vikki RPM is being filmed at Viacom International Studios (VIS), the production hub for Viacom International Media Networks Americas, and on location in several areas in Miami. The series is being written by Catharina Ledeboer (Grachi, Talia in the Kitchen, I Am Frankie, Every Witch Way, W.I.Ts Academy, Isa TKM), Lara Martínez and Rocio Lara (Skimo, Plaza Sésamo, Waking Up with You).

Online at, fans can find out more about the series and the characters featured in the show: Victoria “Vikki” Franco, Max Legrand, Kira Rivera, Iker Borges, Roxana “Rox” Cruz, Fred Toledo, and the Heróis da Rede, Stacey, Billy and Remy – plus watch TurboNick’d video clips featuring the stars of the show.

Vikki RPM (60 x 60′) will star established and new pan-regional actors, including: Samantha Siqueros (Along Came Love, Como Dice el Dicho) as Vikki, Maite Embil (¿Quién es Quién?, Voltea pa’ que te enamores), the niece of famed Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Paulo Quevedo (Una Maid en Manhattan, Locos Y Peligrosos), and Stefano Ollivier (Estefano Ollivier), who will make his TV debut with the series, from Mexico; Josette Vidal (winner of two Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards blimps for her role as ‘Sara Fuccinelli’ in Toni La Chef), Angela Rincón (Grachi, Toni la Chef), Yul Burkel (Silvana Sin Lana), Scarlet Gruber (El Desconocido: aka El Cholo) as Scarlet Gruber, and Ana Karina Manco (La Mujer Perfecta) from Venezuela; Vanessa Blandon (Isa TKM, Chica Vampiro) from Colombia, as well as Leo Deluglio and renowned actor Saúl Lisazo (Señorita Pólvora) from Argentina.

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) introduced the series at the latest Natpe conference.

Formally titled Formula A, Vikki RPM is Nickelodeon Latinoamérica’s latest teen series inspired by a classic novel, following Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa, a new live-action teen series inspired by the 1880 novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

Vikki RPM vem aí! | Nickelodeon Brasil
Em breve, só na Nick!

Original source: Anime, Mangá e TV.

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First 15 Minutes of Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1–first-15-pmm-site-1.jpg
(Produced in partnership with Telltale Games) Batman: The Enemy Within is the second season of Batman: The Telltale Series. Here are the first 15 minutes of Episode 1 – The Enigma. Caution – Spoilers ahead!

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Suspected Game Of Thrones Leakers Arrested In India

Four people in Mumbai have been arrested in connection with the theft of a Season 7 Game of Thrones episode, according to a report by Variety.

Earlier this month, the episode was leaked to pirating streaming sites before it premiered on HBO. Now police in India have arrested and charged four individuals, all of whom work for or used to work for Prime Focus Technologies. Prime Focus is an outside data-management company used by Star India, HBO’s pay-TV distribution partner in the country. Star India’s watermark appeared throughout the pirated copy.

The four people who weren’t identified have been charged with criminal breach of trust and computer-related offenses. Variety reports that links to episode appeared on Reddit on August 4, two days before the episode’s premiere. The Reddit post was removed shortly after it went up, but the episode was ripped in low quality and began circulating on illegal streaming sites.

No Caption Provided

Star India said, in a statement, that this is the first leak of this sort in the company’s history. “We believe that valuable intellectual property is a critical part of the development of the creative industry and strict enforcement of the law is essential to protecting it,” the company added.

The leak followed reports HBO had been hacked and several TV episodes and written material connected to Game of Thrones had been stolen. That theft is not connected to these arrests. The four suspects are being held, under investigation, until August 21.

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Come See Kotaku At PAX West 2017

On September 1, the PAX West convention will blossom like a great big fandom flower in the heart of downtown Seattle. Kotaku, of course, will be there.

Here’s a rundown of panels that’ll feature Kotaku writers:

At 2PM on Friday, September 1, Kotaku features editor Chris Kohler will be on a Boss Fight Books panel discussing his new Final Fantasy V book. He’ll be joined by folks who’ve written books about Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts III and Katamari Damacy, among others. Full details here.


Later Friday night, Jason Schreier and I will be hosting our first-ever Kotaku Splitscreen LIVE podcast show. It’ll be Friday, September 1 at 8:00PM in the Sasquatch Theater. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, with games, giveaways, and maybe even some live music. Full details here.

If you’d rather see a live game show that night, head to Chris Kohler’s Game Show Night that’s running on Friday from 8:30-9:30PM in the Sphinx Theater. Chris says you’ll want to get in line early at around 7PM if you want to actually play. Full details here.

And that’s what Kotaku will be up to at PAX West 2017! We’re psyched for the show and hope to see you there.

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Discord Shuts Down White Supremacist Servers In Wake Of Charlottesville Rally

Gaming chat client Discord has banned servers and several users linked to white supremacist and Nazi ideologies, according to a tweet sent out from the official Discord account. “Discord’s mission is to bring people together around gaming,” their statement on Twitter read. “We will continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology, and all forms of hate.”

Saturday’s Charlottesville rally to retain a statue of Robert E. Lee drew participants from alt-right, Nazi, white supremacist and KKK groups. Violence broke out when pro-Confederacy protesters clashed with counter-protesters. Following the rally, which resulted in the death of a counter-protester attacked by a car, a member of the Daily Stormer Discord, a group associated with the white supremacist movement, allegedly offered to “bring weapons” to the victim’s funeral. Journalist Laura Loomer reported the message to Discord via Twitter, spurring Discord to conduct an investigation which apparently resulted in them shutting down servers relating to Daily Stormer and, another website associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer. Discord also ceased service for “a number of accounts associated with the events in Charlottesville.”

In subsequent tweets, Discord added that while they don’t read users’ private conversations, they will swiftly take action when people violate their Terms of Service (Discord’s ToS prohibits threatening or abusing anyone).

Advertisement swiftly posted a response, referring to Discord’s employees as “pathetic nerd cucks” who, in their actions, “joined the war against free speech.” They added, “The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo establishment is coming at us from all angles and lobbing everything that they have our way. . .Boy, oh boy. They sure picked the wrong enemy. History has shown us that regions of disenfranchised, intelligent and motivated young men are very very good at resisting tyranny.”

Neither Discord nor representatives have responded to Kotaku’s requests for comment.’s Twitter has also been suspended, and Discord’s actions today contribute to a galvanizing push for platforms to hold users accountable for harmful behavior organized through their services.

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It’s Ready, Set, BOW As JoJo Siwa Prepares For Slimefest 2017 | Nickelodeon UK

Teenage social media superstar and trendsetter JoJo Siwa can’t wait to head to Blackpool this October half-term – telling fans Nickelodeon Slimefest 2017 is going to be ‘awesome’!

The internet sensation will make her first UK performances – singing hit single “Boomerang”, as well as two new songs, live – at all six shows during the three-day family festival at The Arena at the Pleasure Beach from October 21 to 23!

“I’m so excited for Slimefest and performing for my fans there,” the 14-year-old told the Blackpool Gazette, “It’s going to be really fun and really slimey.”

JoJo came to fame when she appeared on US reality show Dance Moms, and has gone on to world-wide recognition thanks to her social media presence – with more than 5.8m followers on Instagram and 600m views on her YouTube channel where she speaks out against negativity and bullying.

The JoJo Bow phenomenon was sparked by JoJo’s giant colourful hair accessories, and has caused some controversy with schools banning them for clashing with uniform standards.

“It’s cool to see people wear my bows,” she said. “I’d seen news articles about them being banned in schools – it’s crazy, but amazing. I’ve been wearing them since I was a baby, when my mom put them in.”

Slimefest is being hosted by Diversity’s Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely, with headline performances from the dance troup, as well as The Vamps and Pixie Lott.

Also appearing are the stars of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock, Breanna Yde and Ricardo Hurtado.

For more information on SLIMEFEST and to buy tickets head to

Fans can also catch JoJo in Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special, airing regularly throughout the summer holidays on Nick UK & Eire, and step inside JoJo’s world with JoJo Siwa: My World, a brand-new docu-style special that goes inside the social media superstar’s journey from small town girl who loved to dance and sing, to Kids’ Choice Award winner for Favorite Viral Music Artist, premiering Friday 18th August 2017 at 5:00pm on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland.

More Nick: Nickelodeon UK To Premiere “JoJo Siwa: My World” In August 2017!

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