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Pop Culture

Supergirl Season 3: Synopsis Released for ‘Trinity’ Episode

With Supergirl fired back up after the nine-week hiatus, more and more news is coming out about the series as it gets back on track. We can start piecing together where the Worldkiller story may be going over the next few weeks from the synopsis released, including a brand-new one for episode 17 called ‘Trinity’. The word Trinity is used […]


Spy Party: The Kotaku Early Access Review

Someone is a spy and you need to take them out. There’s only thirty seconds left for them to bug the ambassador and complete their mission. You see movement out of the corner of your eye? Is that balding man reaching towards the ambassador’s pocket? You take the shot and the party goers scream. Over Skype, your friend laughs at […]


Found Sounds from the Edge of Earth

Photo by Finnbogi Petursson There are certain sounds that can’t be born in the confines of a studio or created after countless hours spent fiddling with expensive synthesizers. The meditative drone of a rainforest can’t be replicated by a Juno, and a drum machine will never echo the repetitive, crashing pulse of a waterfall. Field recording, the act of capturing […]


‘Cargo’ Review: Martin Freeman’s Zombie Drama Outdoes ‘The Walking Dead’ [Tribeca]

Netflix’s “zom-dram” Cargo – what’s essentially an Australian The Walking Dead spinoff – boasts far more inspiration from survival instincts over typical rotter squashing. No tactical military platoons, just a father and child fighting against outbreak paranoia. Supplies are scarce, native tribes echo ritualistic thinking and do I detect a hint of anti-fracking commentary? Man’s mutilation of Mother Nature pits industrial […]


AT&T is launching a $15 TV streaming subscription

AT&T will be launching a “skinny bundle” of television channels that will only cost $15 a month, according to The Wall Street Journal. This would make the offer, which does not include sports, one of the cheapest available for live streaming TV. The deal, to be called AT&T Watch, was announced by chief executive Randall Stephenson on Thursday when he […]


Senate confirms a homophobic climate change denier with no scientific credentials to lead NASA

Homophobic climate change denier Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) “has made a career out of ignoring scientific expertise” says Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii). Naturally, Bridenstine was approved 50-49, along party lines, to be our next NASA administrator. From Huffington Post: In a June 2013 speech, Bridenstine peddled a debunked argument made by climate change skeptics, claiming that global temperatures “stopped rising […]