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Dark Frigate, The by HAWES, Charles Boardman

The frigate Rose of Devon rescues from a wreck in mid-ocean twelve men who show their gratitude by seizing the Rose, killing her captain and sailing toward the Caribbean where they hope to plunder Spanish towns and galleons. Mistaking an English man-of-war for a merchantman, they are captured and brought back to England for trial. Only one, an English lad, […]

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Marion de Lorme by HUGO, Victor

Marion de Lorme is a play about a famous French courtesan with the same name, known for her relationships with the important men of her time. ( Kristingj) Cast list: Marion de Lorme: Kristin Gjerløw Didier: KHand Louis XIII: Ted Delorme Marquis de Nangis: ToddHW Marquis de Saverny: Beth Thomas L’Angely: John Burlinson M. de Laffemas: davidpr Duke de Bellegarde: […]

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Book of the Ocean, The by INGERSOLL, Ernest

The Book of the Ocean is precisely what its tite promises. It contains a rather broad overview of all topics connected to the ocean, such as its geography and the history of the exploration of the oceans. Besides the oceans themselves, the book contains several chapters on the different aspects of seafaring: building ships and seafaring, war ships, merchant ships […]

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Stories From The Operas by DAVIDSON, Gladys

“Owing to the appreciation which has been accorded to my three series of “Stories from the Operas,” it has been decided to re-issue the collection in one volume, and to include in this additional stories of new and popular operas recently produced in England. The plan of the work, as before, is to present all the incidents of each libretto […]

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Song: Eternity of Love Protested by CAREW, Thomas

Thomas Carew (pronounced “Carey”) (1595 – 1640) was one of the Cavalier poets, a group associated with the unfortunate King Charles I, who was a notable connoisseur of poetry. Other poets in this school included Robert Herrick, Richard Lovelace. John Suckling and Ben Jonson. Carew’s verse generally eschews epic and grandiose subjects, and focuses on more intimate and profane matters. […]

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Haunted Palace, The by POE, Edgar Allan

“The Haunted Palace” originally issued in the Baltimore American Museum for April, 1888, was subsequently embodied in that much admired tale, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” and published in it in Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine for September, 1839. It reappeared in that as a separate poem in the 1845 edition of Poe’s poems. (Note on The Haunted House from […]