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Cached Views/Three YouTube channel/How Long To Read

Website not loading? Get the Google Cache
Sometimes a website is temporarily offline. It could be that the server is down, or the site is experiencing unusually high traffic. If that’s the case, enter the URL at the Cached Views website to see what the page looked like when Google’s indexing spider last scanned it. — MF

Three YouTube channels
I am wallowing in the deep motherlode of enthusiasm that is YouTube. Here are three ultra niche channels that I subscribe to and keep coming back to for more. One is FliteTest, where they turn almost anything into a flying object, from a pizza box to an Ikea chair.  Another is Steve1989 with 600,000 subscribers, who collects and eats vintage military rations and ready-to-eat meals (MRE). Yes, he’ll try that ancient WWII snack box. If he is happy, I’m happy. The third is AvE, a faceless Canadian who takes apart old tools and motors while delivering commentary in his own private language of creative swearing, potty-mouth talk, and the most astounding technical knowledge I have encountered. — KK

Find out how long to read any book
Before you pick the next book on your reading list you should check out How Long to Read. Their search engine includes more than 12 million books and their speed reading timer will calculate approximately how long it will take you to read the book in its entirety. — CD

Offline backups
I’m totally paranoid about backups. I have my critical stuff backed up five different ways, and I don’t think that is too many. After 35 years, I have not lost anything. Main thing is you need at least one offline backup (I have two), away from your home or office. My main offline backup these days is Crashplan. They have individual, family and group plans, $10 per month. You want to ask yourself: if I lost my entire hard disk, how much would I pay to get it back? — KK

Hard pencil case
My daughter, an art student, bought this small hard shell pencil case ($7) to hold a few pens and an eraser. It’s just the right size for a small messenger bag or backpack. I ended up getting one for myself. — MF

Funny film recaps
I’ve been a long time fan of The Editing Room for their hilarious rewrites of movies in screenplay format. They make fun of movie tropes and call out every cliche. Reading their abridged scripts is like watching a movie with a funny friend. — CD


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Grilled fall salad with ribeye steak

This summer, we joined forces with the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and Butternut Productions to create some “tasty” new videos with some Feast On chefs (Feast On recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown/made food and drink). Planning a fall camping trip? You’ll DEFINITELY want to try this crowd favourite! For this video recipe, we joined … Continue reading Grilled fall salad with ribeye steak

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The Lovers of Valdaro

lovers of valdaro

In 2015 I wrote about the Hasanlu lovers (left), two skeletons discovered at the site of an ancient Iranian city that had been sacked in the ninth century B.C.

In 2007 archaeologists discovered a similar pair at a Neolithic tomb near Mantua, Italy. It appears the two were no older than 20 when they died; though weapons were found in the grave, there was no evidence that the pair had died violently. Double burials were unusual in that period, but the reason for this one is unknown.

The skeletons are on display in the National Archaeological Museum of Mantua. Archaeologist Elena Menotti, who led the excavation, told Reuters, “We want to keep them just as they have been all this time — together.”

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