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Sony Announces the PlayStation Plus Free Games for May 2018

The last piece of the major free games puzzle is finally in place for May as Sony has decided to reveal today what their list of free games will be on PlayStation Plus next month. The selection they have is kinda cool and kinda odd as we get some decent titles in the mix. The first one on the top of the list is Beyond: Two Souls, the PS3 exclusive that depending on who you turn to for a review, was either one of the greatest gaming experiences of the year or was a complete waste of everyone’s time. Seriously, go find reviews from five years ago, people were decisively split on whether that was a good game or a long interactive film starring Ellen Page and Williem Dafoe.

The other major name on the list is Rayman Legends, which has a nice following and a loyal fanbase for the series, so it should do well. The other four on the list which is a combination of PS3 and PS Vita titles are Risen 3: Titan Lords, Eat Them!, King Oddball, and Furmins. All six titles will be made available starting at Midnight PDT on May 1st, so you only have about five days left to snag the ones for April before they vanish.

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