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Peng Shepherd’s “The Book of M” is a dystopian love story

Peng Shepherd’s The Book of M delivers the confusion and frustration of massive world change by playing on the strings of your heart.

Magical realism certainly collides with prepper fantasy novel in The Book of M. People are losing their shadows and with them, their memories. As the world falls apart, folks with their shadows run in fear, while the shadowless run mad. Struggling to remember the world reconstructs it in the image of their flawed memory. The Book of M is the story of Maxine, having freshly lost her shadow, attempting to keep the memory of her husband Ory as-it-really-was, rather than change him into something he was not.

Shepherd does an amazing job writing her main characters. Very unique in a dystopian novel is how these characters, governments, and pop-up societies behave a lot more as I imagine real people would in these situations.

I bet most of those heroic prepper dudes all die of food poisoning anyway.

Science and magic are pretty interchangeable in The Book of M, but I never felt pushed into “you just have to believe X” to make the story work. I was addicted and had a hard time putting the novel down.

The Book of M: A Novel by Peng Shepherd via Amazon

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Daily briefing: Meet the neurologist who became “Dr Rapp”

Daily briefing: Meet the neurologist who became “Dr Rapp”

Daily briefing: Meet the neurologist who became “Dr Rapp”, Published online: 17 January 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-00200-2

A stroke that gave a doctor flow, mysterious stretches of non-coding DNA could help cells survive starvation and women who win prizes get less money and prestige. via


Facebook employees busted leaving 5-star reviews for Portal on Amazon

Facebook’s Portal smart displays have had an uphill battle, trying to convince people to willingly give the notoriously security-lax social media company another avenue into their homes. But it seems some people are pretty happy with their Portals: Facebook employees, who were just caught leaving 5-star reviews for their own product on Amazon.

Credit for spotting this incredible coincidence goes to tech columnist Kevin Roose:

But it’s not just a coincidence. Facebook executive Andrew…

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Instagrammer writes about how he was elaborately scammed out of $7500

Henry Wu posts beautiful travel photos on Instagram. He and his friend, another Instagrammer named Zory were scammed out of $7500 by a person pretending to be Wendi Murdoch, ex-wife of Rubert Murdoch. “Wendi” ( hired Henry and Zory to fly to Indonesia, and once they arrived, they were bilked multiple times by accomplices who demanded various photography fees. As things got increasingly weird and “Wendi’s” assistants started becoming hostile, Henry and Zory slowly came to the realization that they’d been duped.

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‘Creepshow’ TV Series Adapting Stephen King’s Most Disturbing Story

creepshow tv series episode

As a horror fan, there’s not much that actually shocks or disturbs me. But there are exceptions. One of those exceptions is Stephen King‘s grisly short story Survivor Type, featured in his collection Skeleton Crew. It’s a queasy, nasty piece of work about a man shipwrecked on a desert island, forced to slowly eat his own body parts to survive. And now, it might be coming to TV. Director and special effects make-up artist Greg Nicotero is currently working on a new Creepshow TV series for Shudder, and one of the episodes appears to be an adaptation of King’s gross-out short story.

In Stephen King’s Survivor Type, a disgraced surgeon named Richard Pine ends up on a remote island in the Pacific after the cruise ship he was on sinks. Pine has no food, few supplies, and a bunch of cocaine he was smuggling. The character narrates his story via a journal he’s keeping, and we learn about his desperate situation. Unable to find much food, he soon begins amputating his own body parts, and eating them. It’s really disgusting, to the point that when I first read it, I had to take breaks to avoiding getting too grossed-out. Unlike most King works, no one could adapt Survivor Type into a feature film. But it would make for a hell of a short, and that’s apparently what’s happening via the new Creepshow TV series.

It’s already been reported that King and his son Joe Hill would be among the contributors to the show, and now, Production Weekly has confirmed Survivor Type will be the inspiration for one of the episodes. Per GeekTyrant:

One of the episodes will be called “Survivor Type” and it will focus on a character named Richard Pine, who is “Shipwrecked on a desert island” and while there he “reflects on his life and does the unthinkable in order to survive.”

If done right, this is going to make for a very disturbing episode of TV. And I can’t wait to see it. Each episode of the Creepshow series will be helmed by a different director, and will feature make-up effects from Greg Nicotero’s KNB EFX Group. When the project was first announced, Nicotero said:

Creepshow is a project very close to my heart! It is one of those titles that embraces the true spirit of horror… thrills and chills celebrated in one of its truest art forms, the comic book come to life! I’m honored to continue the tradition in the ‘spirit’ which it was created.”

The series is set to debut on Shudder some time this year.

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Google just spent $40 million for Fossil’s secret smartwatch tech

Google and watchmaker Fossil Group today announced an agreement for the search giant to acquire some of Fossil’s smartwatch technology and members of the research and development division responsible for creating it. The deal is worth roughly $40 million, and under the current terms Fossil will transfer a “portion” of its R&D team, the portion directly responsible for the intellectual property being sold, over to Google. As a result, Google will now have a dedicated team with hardware experience working internally on its WearOS software platform and potentially on new smartwatch designs as well.

“Wearables, built for wellness, simplicity, personalization and helpfulness, have the opportunity to improve lives by bringing users the…

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Don’t extinguish a metal fire with water

How do you extinguish burning magnesium? In this video from the Royal Institution, science presenter Steve Mould demonstrates what happens when you try to extinguish a metal fire with a CO2 fire extinguisher or water—both bad ideas that don’t work and could be very dangerous. Why?

The working principle of a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is that it starves a fire of oxygen. However, carbon dioxide itself has two oxygen atoms for every one carbon atom, and in the case of metal fires, the burning metal strips CO2 of its oxygen atoms, thereby adding more oxygen to the mix. It’s even worse with water fire extinguishers, as when the oxygen atoms are stripped, only hydrogen remains, which is in itself explosive.

The correct way to put out a metal fire is with a powder fire extinguisher that covers the fire entirely with non-reactive powder.

Bonus: See what it looks like when magnesium burns inside a block of solid carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice.

burning metal
Next: More science videos by Steve Mould, Candle Chemistry, Humphry Davy’s Potassium Volcano, Elemental Burning, and how is black fire made?

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Which Character From The Office Should Cross Over to Steve Carell’s Space Force?

The OfficeFans of The Office got great news earlier this week when it was announced that Steve Carell AKA Michael Scott from The Office is teaming up with the show’s creators for a new workplace…

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