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James Gunn Breaks Our Hearts- [Spoiler]’s Last Words To [Spoiler]

You’re still not ready, even if you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War to learn the latest tidbit of Marvel Cinematic Universe lore filmmaker James Gunn shared on twitter.  This is really a lesson in don’t ask the question if you don’t want the answer.

I’m completely serious, this is one of those moments you’re going to regret knowing the inside scoop, because it’ll hit you in some emotional spots that are just starting to come back after sitting through the 19th Marvel Studios film.

If you HAVE NOT seen Infinity War, this information actually isn’t spoilery on it’s own if I don’t explain where/when it’s said. Which is weird, it’s just the reveal of what Groot says to Rocket at the tail end of the film.

HOWEVER, since I’m assuming you’ve seen the film if you’re still reading, you know what happened to Groot.  Thanos snapped his fingers, and across the galaxy, people are disintegrating. Some of our heroes are not immune to this, one of which being our treefriend, who speaks a line of dialog to Rocket before disappearing into the ether.

This answer was brought about because twitter’er  Joe Green asked Gunn what the english translation is of what Groot said.

“Might be too soon to ask this, but do you know what Groot’s last line is at the end of the movie?”

Gunn responded, and again, you may not want to know, because it’s kind of heartbreaking.

Man, that’s tough.  I don’t know how I’m not going to burst into tears seeing it the next time. Marvel Post-Credits Scene Avengers: Infinity War logo

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