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Ben 10 | Xingo | Cartoon Network

Ben 10 | Xingo | Cartoon Network
Ben is more interested in a marathon of his favorite cartoon show, “Spazz”, but when Ben goes Upgrade to get a better signal, the titular Spazz leaps from his animated dimension to ours, bringing mad chaos with him!


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Lauren Looks Back: Sounds Of Terror! For Halloween

Up until this past weekend, I had no idea this even existed. My boyfriend owns a copy though, and when I saw it I regretfully informed him that it was no longer his.

The record is absolutely perfect for Halloween. Other than the Monster Mash cover, the rest of the tracks are hellishly creepy. Seriously, just listen to this buried alive track.

Shockingly, this is a kids record. Granted not all of the tracks are creepy (some are hilariously bad), but this is still a kids record. Pickwick released this in 1974, which really tells me that 1974 was a wild time to be alive. The tracks were written by Frank Daniel, right after he immigrated to America. Wade Denning, who had formally produced big band music, produced this album. This wouldn’t be the only foray into Halloween music he did, but I’m only focusing on this one example.

Sadly, there’s not much known about this record. I’d love to know who did the cover art (it’s awesome), but I guess I’ll just remain in the dark. If you know anything more about this classic album, let me know in the comments below!

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Many American flags atop government buildings are made by prisoners

Earlier this month, California Senator Kamala Harris dropped a tantalizing truth bomb during a speech: many official flags in use in California were made by state prisoners. Via Mother Jones:

Harris was referring to the visit she made to the Central California Women’s Facility in July, a visit on which I tagged along. It was a surreal experience to watch dozens of women, mostly women of color, at work stations inside of the country’s largest prison for women, laying out and printing fabric and then dyeing it royal blue. It was just as surreal, if not more so, to hear prison officials point out that these flags would one day fly atop every state and federal building in California, describing this with something almost adjacent to pride.

There’s a Pretty Good Chance Your American Flag Was Made by a Prisoner (Mother Jones)

Image: Pexels

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Pop Culture

Craft Beer And More At BaseLine Tap House Inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s is currently undergoing a major facelift. With a good chunk of the park being worked on for the opening of the new Star Wars and Pixar expansions, Disney is trying to come up with ways to get people excited for the park as it currently stands. Now, there is a lot to do inside the park. The Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller coaster, and Star Tours are all still up and running. The various stage shows–Beauty and the Beast, The Voyage of the Little Mermaid–are also still open. But I know my local (meaning, non-Florida) friends are still hesitant about the park.

BaseLine Tap House, situated right across from the Sci-Fi Diner, is a fairly new addition to the park. The tap house specializes in Californian beer and wine, and is open daily at 11am. Check out the video below to learn more!

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Watch Mario’s 8 Strangest Moments Ever

In just over a week, Mario will embark on one of his biggest–and weirdest–adventures to date, Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. As usual, his longtime nemesis Bowser has captured Princess Peach, and to rescue her, Mario will have to explore a number of sandbox-style Kingdoms like in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

Things are a little different this time, however. Not only does Odyssey take Mario to some bizarre new worlds such as New Donk City–a metropolitan area inhabited by realistically proportioned people–he’ll be joined by a ghost-like being called Cappy, which inhabits Mario’s cap and in turn grants him the ability to possess other characters and objects.

As odd as all that may sound, however, it certainly isn’t the strangest thing to happen to Nintendo’s iconic plumber in his long and storied career. In the video above, we take a look back at eight of the weirdest moments in Mario’s history, from his questionable Cat Costume in Wii U‘s Super Mario 3D World to his ongoing Olympic rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Super Mario Odyssey releases next week, on October 27. We’ll have a full review of the game soon, but we thought it was still wonderful the last time we went hands-on with it. In the meantime, you can see our guid to all of the costumes in Super Mario Odyssey we’ve seen so far.

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Razer’s Electra V2 headset does virtual 7.1 surround sound on a budget

Gaming headphones and headsets can be a real crapshoot, with some of them being downright excellent and others, the majority, tending toward poorly engineered disappointment. I can’t yet speak for where on that spectrum Razer’s Electra V2 cans will land, but the good thing is that you won’t be making much of a financial gamble to find out.

The newly updated Electra V2 sport Razer’s signature luminous green as an accent color and a nice aluminum headband with a self-adjusting fit. They cost $59.99 with a standard 3.5mm analog connector or $69.99 with a USB plug, and both versions offer the promise of 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Faux leather ear pads sit in front of 40mm drivers that Razer says it has custom-tuned to suit the needs of…

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