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Fill Up Your Board Game Cabinet For the Holidays With This One-Day Amazon Sale

If your board game collection is gathering dust, it’s time to freshen up your options with Amazon’s one-day Gold Box deal.

Over 50 games are available, including popular titles like Ticket to Ride, Patchwork, Dead of Winter Crossroads, and Lost Cities, just to name a few. Just note that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, and the best stuff will likely sell out early, so don’t roll the dice by waiting.

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Telltale’s Batman Appears To Use Real Photo Of Assassinated Russian Ambassador 

[Image: Telltale | via GameRiot]

The latest episode of Batman: The Telltale Series looks to use a photo of assassinated Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov to depict the aftermath of a Gotham robbery.

Warning: Graphic imagery.

The image appears in the recently release Episode 2: The Pact when Bruce Wayne and Alfred research Harley Quinn. Kotaku has reached out to Telltale for comment, but has yet to hear back for confirmation or a statement.

The similarity was noticed by Twitter user BroTeamPill (via Eurogamer):

Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was assassinated at an art gallery in Ankara. The event made international news, and the graphic video and photos depicting the murder were widely circulated. The AP photographer who took the images won top prize at the 2017 World Press Photo contest.


The images look almost exactly the same, but the one in The Pact is stretched because of Bruce Wayne’s display.

[GIF: Telltale | via GameRiot]
[GIF: Telltale | via GameRiot]

The above GIF and the top image are from YouTuber GameRiot’s Let’s Play. You can watch the full clip right here.

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