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$99 Gets You Audio-Technica Sound Quality In a Wireless Package

Audio Technica’s ATH-M50s have long been our readers’ favorite over-ear headphones, but it’s 2017, so you’d be forgiven for only considering wireless cans at this point. Luckily, their ATH-S700BTs are on sale for an all-time low $99 today, complete with 40mm drivers, and the ability to use them in wired mode if the battery dies.

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Face Your Own Daddy Issues With Kylo Ren’s LEGO Tie Fighter Kit

How is it that the most emo Star Wars villain gets the coolest ship? This LEGO Kylo Ren Tie Fighter kit comes with three minifigures (including a new Kylo Ren with a facial scar – spoiler alert), a real cockpit, and most importantly of all, BB-9E.

The set came out last month for $80, but if you warp over to Amazon, you can get it for an all-time low $64.

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Fight Nazis In Two Different Video Games For Just $20

Wolfenstein: The Two-Pack, $20 – PS4 | PC

Wolfenstein: The New Order was better than it had any right to be, and fighting virtual Nazis sounds pretty cathartic right now. Get The New Order and its standalone prequel The Old Blood for just $20 on PS4 and PC.

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Smash 4 Characters, Ranked By How Annoying They Are

Smash 4

What makes a Super Smash Bros. character annoying? It’s a very specific cocktail of repetitive, invulnerabile, low-effort or spammy moves that, together, make you want to throw your controller at the television.

Everybody has that one Smash fighter they hate playing against. But one thing I realized after setting out to list the top ten annoying Smash characters is that, in their own way, every Smash character is annoying: characters who are too over-powered are annoying; characters whose moves are inescapable are annoying; characters who can roll across the stage are annoying; characters who have minions are annoying; characters who spam projectiles (and especially when those projectiles make annoying sounds) are annoying; characters whose moves all look the same are annoying; and characters who are Bayonetta are annoying.

Really, that’s most of the characters.

Below, I have ranked all of the Smash 4 characters from least to most annoying in accordance with how obnoxious they are to play against. Although I offer no specific explanations, I have a few notes that could help mitigate the inevitable angry comments I see coming from miles and miles away.

55. Sheik*

54. Zero Suit Samus

53. Charizard

52. Ganondorf

51. Ike

50. Palutena

49. Donkey Kong

48. Bowser

47. Link**

46. Samus

45. Mewtwo

44. Falco

43. Fox

42. Zelda

41. Ryu

40. Peach

39. Mario

38. Luigi

37. Captain Falcon

36. Mega Man

35. Meta Knight

34. Greninja

33. Lucina

32. Corrin

31. Roy

30. Marth

29. Robin

28. Rosalina & Luma

27. Toon Link

26. Little Mac

25. Dark Pit

24. Pit

23. King Dedede

22. Duck Hunt

21. Rob

20. Lucas

19. Ness

18. Shulk

17. Villager

16. Bowser Jr.

15. Villager

14. Wario

13. Pikachu

12. Dr. Mario***

11. Wii Fit Trainer

10. Olimar

9. Diddy Kong

8. Yoshi****

7. Pac-Man

6. Jigglypuff

5. Mr. Game & Watch

4. Kirby

3. Cloud

2. Sonic*****

1. Bayonetta

A few notes:*Sheik is not annoying because she is not cheap. Relatedly, I also main her.**Big, heavy characters with easy-to-anticipate moves tend to be less annoying.***I hate the sound of Dr. Mario’s “Megavitamin” move, especially when it’s spammed.****Yoshi can eat you, poop you out as an egg and drop you off a cliff while your body helplessly struggles to escape death. It is annoying as hell.*****All of Sonic’s moves look essentially the same. They make essentially the same noise, which is the sound of my cavities getting drilled. He has a move that is just him rolling across the stage, a move type universally considered obnoxious, in part, because it requires little effort and is difficult to avoid.


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Guy Prefers To Play Smash Bros. Melee With The Controller Upside Down 

And it’s mesmerizing.

Nooch is a sixteen-year old burgeoning speedrunner and Smash Bros. enthusiast. He was attending Shine 2017 this weekend, his first ever major Smash tournament, when god-tier Melee pro Juan Manuel “Hungrybox” DeBiedma spotted him on the floor and took this short video.

Nooch apparently plays at lot of games with the controller flipped upside down, as people streaming into Twitter thread noted. Here he his holding an Xbox controller upside down, for instance.

And above you can see a clip of him playing Melee through a sea awkward of jabs and flicks. He even did a Reddit AMA where he addressed everyone’s questions on the subject. The answers boiled down mostly to “Well I’ve always used my controller upside down.”


Of course, Nooch isn’t alone in using weird hand and thumb configurations in the fighting game world. In a game dominated by fight sticks, Olivier ‘Luffy’ Hay drew attention to himself for winning SFV matches using a PS1 controller. Still, Nooch’s method is definitely a bit more unorthodox. It’s beautiful to watch though, and hey, whatever works, right?

Hopefully it doesn’t get too popular that Smash tournaments start banning it.

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