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Tag: Battlefront 2 Has A Daily Credit Cap For Arcade Mode


Battlefront 2 Has A Daily Credit Cap For Arcade Mode, It Seems

It has been discovered that Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s Arcade mode has a daily credit cap, which could be yet another element of the game that fans aren’t happy about. This cap was discovered weeks ago, but recently gathered more attention after Game Informer‘s Andrew Reiner tweeted about it.

The credit cap may be annoying to players since it essentially means you can’t grind through to get credits, if you wanted to do that. With the cap in place, the game seemingly pushes you toward spending real money to buy loot boxes.

Earlier today, Battlefront developer DICE released a statement saying that it is constantly looking over feedback and will change the game as it sees fit in the future. It could be that this cap is removed or altered down the road, though that remains to be seen.

Battlefront II doesn’t officially release until November 17. The game is playable on Xbox One and PC right now through EA/Origin Access, and players are also raising their concerns about how the game can feel pay-to-win because loot boxes with game-changing items can be purchased with real money.

Another part of Battlefront II generating buzz and controversy is the credit values to unlock heroes. Some remarked that they were too high, and in response, DICE just today announced that the credit-unlock values for characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are dropping by 75 percent. EA’s original statement on the matter did not go over well on Reddit, where it was downvoted more than 500,000 times.

The EA/Origin Access trial provides the full multiplayer component and the first three single-player missions, though you’re limited to a total of 10 hours of gameplay. Pre-ordering the Deluxe edition gets you complete access on November 14, including on PlayStation 4. You can read more in our Battlefront II review in progress.

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