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Ben Affleck Breaks Silence On Why He’s No Longer Batman

Ben Affleck Breaks Silence On Why He’s No Longer Batman Ben Affleck breaks silence on why he’s no longer Batman, that’s right, Batfleck has officially sent his cape and cowl to the cleaners and flown out of Wayne Manor. Speaking during his appearance on the Thursday, February 14th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ben Affleck finally came forward and explained in no uncertain terms why he is no longer playing Batman.

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The Truth About The Criminal Minds Cancellation

The Truth About The Criminal Minds Cancellation CBS has announced that Criminal Minds will come to an end after 15 seasons and more than 300 episodes. Why would the network say goodbye to this still popular, still engaging, still prominent hit? It’s got its reasons, baby girl.

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CBS at a crossroads | 0:18
Too much drama | 0:55
The boss is out | 1:45
Criminally dated | 2:39
Ratings, ratings, ratings | 3:20
More like Criminal Mind$ | 4:14
Characters unwelcome | 4:53


The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Rob Dyrdek Anymore

The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Rob Dyrdek Anymore It’s always seemed like Rob Dyrdek was living the dream who wouldn’t want to make millions while competing in the sport they love and goofing off with their friends? But recently, he’s stepped back from the spotlight. Here’s what he’s been up to, and why you won’t catch him on reality TV anymore.

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Love and marriage | 0:15
Father of two | 1:02
Private life | 1:30
Over it | 2:17
Big Black | 2:52
Behind the scenes | 3:37


The Babadook Ending Explained

The Babadook Ending Explained Jennifer Kent’s 2014 horror hit The Babadook has plenty to say about grief and the exhaustion of motherhood, while also being just plain scary. Part of the movie’s appeal is its moody, ambiguous ending. If it’s in a look or in a book, you can’t get rid of the Babadook, but you can understand it.

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Amelia is struggling | 0:18
In a look or in a book | 1:04
Nobody can help | 1:55
Themes and influences | 2:39
Something in the basement | 3:27
What is the Babadook? | 4:17


Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked Worst To Best Some of it’s been spectacular, some of it’s been meh, and some of it’s been awful. For a tour through the mix of all the Spidey features, the spinoffs, and even a parody, here’s every Spider-Man movie ranked worst to best.

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Spider-Man 3 | 0:20
Amazing Spider-Man 2 | 1:34
Amazing Spider-Man | 2:15
Spider-Man | 3:26
Spider-Man: Homecoming | 4:34
Spider-Man 2 | 5:35
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | 6:24


Great Movies You Didn’t Know You Could Watch For Free On YouTube

Great Movies You Didn’t Know You Could Watch For Free On YouTube YouTube is branching out as a streaming service. You can rent or purchase films directly through the site for a small fee, but now, they’re setting themselves apart from the pack by releasing countless films – for free. Here are some of the best they have to offer


Tai Chi Zero | 0:14
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | 1:23
Masters of the Universe | 2:15
Monsters | 3:19
The World’s Fastest Indian | 4:19
The Escort | 5:35
Painted Skin: The Resurrection | 6:27
Get Shorty | 7:08
A Company Man | 7:55
Swelter | 8:29
I’ll Follow You Down | 9:11
Benny & Joon | 10:02


New Last Blood Photos Reveal Rambo’s Backstory

New Last Blood Photos Reveal Rambo’s Backstory Sylvester Stallone is pumped to be playing John J. Rambo one last time, and that excitement seems to be fueled by some new creative energy. As he’s done several times in recent months, the star took to Instagram to share new images and backstory text for his upcoming movie, giving us a deeper insight into the iconic character whose story he’ll be closing out with Rambo V: Last Blood.

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Gorgeous Artwork Imagines Daniel Radcliffe As The Next Wolverine

Gorgeous Artwork Imagines Daniel Radcliffe As The Next Wolverine Ever since The Walt Disney Company announced its plans to acquire the majority of studio 20th Century Fox’s assets in a $71.3 billion merger set to be completed in 2019, one question that has been on every superhero fan’s mind is whether or not Marvel Studios would recast members of the X-Men. After all, Disney’s purchase of Fox does include the entire slate of mutants who will soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And just about no X-Man is more beloved than Wolverine.

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Will Smith Gets Torched After Aladdin Trailer Release

Will Smith Gets Torched After Aladdin Trailer Release The “whole new world” that Disney’s live-action Aladdin will take viewers to — is apparently the uncanny valley just outside of bizarro town. When the House of Mouse unveiled the second sneak peek at this year’s Aladdin, Will Smith was finally revealed as the Genie.

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The Prodigy Ending Explained

The Prodigy Ending Explained The moral of The Prodigy is as classic as horror movies go – it would be this: Creepy kids sure are creepy! But lurking under the surface of this tale of alarming and unsettling offspring is a deeper story of a mother’s love and a child’s role in the world.

#Prodigy #EndingExplained

Soul train | 0:28
Reincarnated ideas | 1:28
Miles apart | 2:19
Unfinished business | 3:14
Second thoughts | 4:12
Faker | 4:55
The master plan | 5:54
Too late | 6:56
Scarka lives | 7:58
Liar, liar | 8:35


This Man Of Steel Actor Is Gunning To Be The Next Batman

This Man Of Steel Actor Is Gunning To Be The Next Batman When it comes to landing Hollywood’s most coveted roles, even established actors have to show a little hustle. With the knowledge that Ben Affleck will no longer be reprising his role as the Caped Crusader for director Matt Reeves’ The Batman, an actor from DC’s Man of Steel has tossed his name into the running for the gig.

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The Second Main Villain In The Batman May Have Been Revealed

The Second Main Villain In The Batman May Have Been Revealed Even though the second main villain in The Batman may have been revealed, there’s probably a bit of trickery going on. Matt Reeves The Batman – not starring Ben Affleck – Ben Affleck is out as Batman – will supposedly feature two villains. The Penguin is the villain in The Batman, as go to the rumors. But according to a We’ve Got This Covered Batman report, the second villain will be The Brain.

Who? You ask, is The Brain? Well… there was a villain called The Brain, who was in the Secret Society of Super Villains and battled the Doom Patrol, among others. But The Brain might be a ruse – or rather a riddle – to who the real villain is. The Riddler will be in The Batman, according to the report, and is actually The Brain. This makes sense, as the Riddler plays himself up as Batman’s smartest adversary, and in the Batman Arkham games The Riddler constantly plays up how smart he is. So in a way the canon makes sense. The Batman is a noir detective type story, according to reports, so more grounded villains like The Penguin and The Riddler make sense.

There haven’t been any casting rumors yet for “The Brain” but if it’s a big name you can pretty much guarantee that the character is a ruse and it will indeed be The Riddler. The Batman won’t hit theaters for another 2 years – 2021 is The Batman’s release date – and who knows what state the DCEU will be in by then. It seems like only Jason Mamoa and Gal Gadot will remain from the original run.

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Awesome Movies Turning 20 In 2019

Awesome Movies Turning 20 In 2019 Every year has its fair share of highs and lows at the movies, but some always seem to stand taller than the others. With the benefit of 20 years of hindsight, 1999 looks like one of cinema’s greatest ever years and each of these films is well worth rediscovering as they reach their milestone anniversaries. These are some of the best movies turning 20 in 2019.

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Fight Club | 0:20
Office Space | 1:19
Being John Malkovich | 2:32
The Matrix | 3:43
Magnolia | 4:42
The Sixth Sense | 5:35
The Blair Witch Project | 6:58
Eyes Wide Shut | 8:10
Sleepy Hollow | 9:23


The Thing Ending Explained

The Thing Ending Explained It’s been nearly four decades since its release, and John Carpenter’s The Thing remains one of the most untouchably gruesome and great horror films of all time. As famous as it is for its legendary creature designs, it’s also famous for its ending, which leaves plenty of unanswered questions.

#TheThing #EndingExplained #JohnCarpenter

Other ships, other threats | 0:19
A persistent lifeform | 1:24
Scraps of MacReady | 2:17
After the blood test | 3:07
See what happens | 4:03
The Thing lives? | 5:16


American Horror Story Characters Who Are Based On Real People

American Horror Story Characters Who Are Based On Real People American Horror Story can be horrifying, and it’s made even more chilling when you consider that many of the villains and victims across its various stories are drawn from the real-life crimes, both solved and unsolved, that populate American history.

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The Black Dahlia | 0:14
Kit and Alma Walker | 1:19
Madame Delphine LaLaurie | 2:33
Marie Laveau | 3:47
Pepper | 4:51
Dot and Bette Tattler | 6:06
James March | 7:21
The Devil’s Night dinner party | 8:21
Tomasyn White | 9:16
Valerie Solanas | 10:26


Superman Cameo Confirmed For Shazam! Is Not What You Think

Superman Cameo Confirmed For Shazam! Is Not What You Think The Superman cameo confirmed for Shazam! is not what you think, that’s for sure! If you’re expecting Superman in the Shazam movie, we can’t blame you for thinking that – the two do have a history and Shazam was modeled off of Superman – to the tune where DC once sued Fawcett comics for stealing the Superman character when they made Shazam. But that’s all water under the bridge now as Shazam Captain Marvel is now a DC character. What if Superman appears in the Shazam movie? Will they fight? Will it be a brief cameo? Turns out we might be asking the wrong question: the real question is will Henry Cavill be in Shazam?

If the rumors are true, then it seems Superman will be in Shazam – that’s right Superman has a cameo in Shazam – but Henry Cavill won’t play Superman in Shazam. As shocking as it seems, a report by We Got This Covered says that the Man of Steel is in Shazam! but Henry Cavill is not Superman anymore. The actor remains unnamed, but supposedly the scene won’t show Superman’s face.

Henry Cavill has made numerous statements about the DCEU, and how he’s not happy with Warner Bros nor the DCEU with the direction of the movies – including Batman v Superman and Justice League (who can blame him?) If Cavill is indeed out, and Shazam is the hit that its projected to be, then the DCEU needs a new Superman quickly. We may be in the middle of a soft reboot for DC movies – Ben Affleck is out as Batman, and maybe Henry Cavill is out as Superman.

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