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Ways They Could Be Misleading Us About Endgame

Ways They Could Be Misleading Us About Endgame There’s a lot of ways they could be misleading us about Endgame.
Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers have given us several sneak peeks at Avengers: Endgame, but comments from the directors – and tricks they’ve played on the audience before – have us wondering whether what we’ve seen really tells us the truth about what to expect from the movie.

Trust is built over time, and Joe and Anthony Russo have proven that the only thing we can really count on from them is a well-made movie. Everything else is questionable. Look no further than the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. One shot shows the entire team, including the Hulk, , running at the screen in Wakanda. But when the film arrived, the shot was nowhere to be found. In an interview with Slashfilm, Joe and Anthony Russo admitted to changing trailers to misdirect viewers, saying, “At our disposal are lots of different shots that aren’t in the movie that we can manipulate through CG to tell a story that we want to tell specifically for the purpose of the trailer and not for the film.”

As many observers pointed out, Joe Russo also appeared to straight-up lie about the title of Avengers: Endgame when asked if it was ever spoken in Infinity War. The director said no, but…

Watch the video for more Ways The Russos Could Be Lying About Endgame!

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The ‘lying’ Russos | 0:15
The first 20 minutes? | 1:08
Reunion or no reunion? | 1:54
Who’s hiding? | 2:50
No Hulk? | 3:39
Fighting Thanos | 4:19
Preserving the narrative | 5:04


Thanos Actor Gives Endgame Cast A Terrifying Reminder

Thanos Actor Gives Endgame Cast A Terrifying Reminder There stands a good chance that Avengers: Endgame might mark the final film for several Marvel favorites, but in the weeks leading up to the film’s launch, the cast is keeping their minds off such grim outcomes. The Endgame press tour has been filled with both laughter and emotional moments. However, there’s no escaping the fact that the end is nigh, and that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will face a dangerous fight in Endgame.

One member of the Endgame team who isn’t letting the rest of the cast forget that harrowing reality is none other than Thanos actor Josh Brolin, who has delivered a terrifying reminder to his fellow MCU stars.

Taking to Instagram, Brolin posted a photo of a set chair with the Mad Titan’s name written on it, plus the Infinity Gauntlet carefully sitting atop the seat’s back.

Just as Brolin’s post hints, the Avengers: Endgame crew has been incredibly busy promoting the ensemble pic. What they haven’t been able to do during those events is, ironically, talk about what’s coming in Endgame, if they even know themselves.

“I didn’t even get a whole script to this movie. I don’t know why. The script I did get had dummy scenes in it.”

Marvel is keeping an airtight lid on Endgame details, and for good reason, as the studio doesn’t want to ruin the movie-going experience for anyone or risk damaging what’s meant to be the culmination of 11 years of stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That said, the interviews the Endgame stars are giving are essentially hype-boosters rather than detail-dishings. In some ways, the lack of plot specifics and the hesitancy to talk too much about Endgame is a distraction from the inevitable: the un-dusted heroes are all but guaranteed to go head-to-head with Thanos once more.

Still, everyone knows that’s coming. The Endgame teasers, specifically the most recent special-look trailer, point toward the Avengers crafting a plan to take down the Mad Titan, reverse his Decimation, and resurrect the fallen heroes, plus the billions upon billions of other lives that were lost post-snap. What that mission entails is a total mystery, though. A theory that has gained more traction than others is that the team will gear up in their new suits, which look kinda similar to the one Hank Pym wore in the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and travel back in time to stop Thanos from ever coming close to getting his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. Another notion is grounded in something Captain Marvel said in the latest look at Endgame:

The heroes may not turn back the clock, but may instead remain in the existing timeline, journeying through space to rip the Infinity Stones straight from Thanos’ hand.

Speaking of the Infinity Gauntlet, there’s also the idea that the mystical armored glove won’t be as powerful in Endgame as it was in the final moments of Infinity War, which saw both the Gauntlet and Thanos’ arm suffer damage as a result of the Snap. The glimpses at Endgame we’ve gotten so far hint that the Gauntlet is charred,

Joe Russo added during a Q&A session following a screening of Infinity War that Thanos’ arm is burned, and explained that the damage extends to other parts of his body, including anything that’s on his arm, like the Infinity Gauntlet. Keep watching the video to hear as the Thanos actor gives Endgame cast a terrifying reminder!

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New Look At Shredded Jared Leto As Morbius Revealed

New Look At Shredded Jared Leto As Morbius Revealed Apparently, Sony’s Morbius will be a very specific kind of vampire — the sexy kind.

Actor Jared Leto shared what appears to be a set photo from the forthcoming flick to his Instagram recently, and if you can look past the rippling torso and tight abs, you may find there’s more going on than meets the eye.

The actor has been all about teasing Morbius via social media: On April 4th, 2019, he even posted a short video of himself in character, standing on a busy city street while throngs of passersby rush around him in a blur. Leto claimed to have posted the set photo in honor of the anniversary of This is War, the third album by his rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. But it’s obviously meant to be a bit of a Morbius tease as well… See that dark smear of blood at the corner of Leto’s mouth?

So, to state the obvious: Jared Leto is a good-looking man, and he’s obviously following in the time-honored tradition of superhero movie stars like Thor’s Chris Hemsworth by getting into incredible shape for his role as Dr. Michael Morbius, the biochemist who has traditionally been the staunch opponent of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But there are a couple of possible clues in the photo that warrant a closer look.

First, Leto is sporting a distinctive Casio digital wristwatch… the kind that was popular in the eighties and nineties. This could be a clue about the time period Morbius will be set in. So far, director Daniel Espinosa hasn’t revealed any real plot details or the film’s period setting, but the watch’s placement here certainly invites speculation. Of course, it could just be indicative of Leto’s taste in timepieces. Difficult to say.

More importantly: Either Leto has suddenly sprouted a whole bunch of moles on his face, or he’s covered in those tracking dots used in motion-capture performances. Note that in his vampire form, Morbius is, well… frankly, he’s hideous in the comics. Rather than practical makeup, it appears that special effects house Nvizage will be using CGI to create the Living Vampire’s ghastly look. And yes, that’s the same house that provided the effects for Sony’s Venom.

This could be viewed as a positive or a negative, depending on how you feel about Venom’s special effects. While plenty of fans were perfectly satisfied with the title character’s appearance, others felt that the CGI left a lot to be desired. Some moviegoers even thought the effects looked dated. Of course, Venom and Morbius are two characters with completely different looks, and even if Nvizage fell short in rendering the former, they could still totally crush it when it comes to Morbius. After all, the special effects house did awesome work for Espinosa on his film Life and on last year’s underrated Nazi zombie thriller Overlord. Plus, it’s worth noting that Venom made 855 million dollars worldwide, which may encourage Sony to pony up a bit more cash for Morbius’ special effects budget. Keep watching to see more of the New look at shredded Jared as Morbius… revealed finally!

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Who Will Be The Next MCU Big Bad After Thanos?

Who Will Be The Next MCU Big Bad After Thanos? Avengers: Endgame may very well be the last time we see Thanos as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And though the comics have plenty of bad guys to choose from, filling Thanos’ shoes won’t be easy. It’s got to be someone truly powerful and truly scary. Here’s a look at some of the villains who could be the next MCU big bad after Thanos.

In Marvel lore, the Celestials are a race of cosmic beings who created intelligent life forms across the galaxy — including humanity — as a grand experiment. And when that experiment fails to meet their standards, the Celestials… end it. They’ve already shown up in Guardians of the Galaxy, with one of their heads serving as the outpost called Knowhere, and they’re rumored to possibly be in the upcoming Eternals movie, meaning the heroes of the MCU could literally meet their makers sooner rather than later.

Of the villains we’ve actually seen in the MCU, possibly the most staggeringly powerful was the godlike Dormammu of 2016’s Doctor Strange. Even Stephen Strange himself realized he had no prayer of defeating Dormammu, so he resorted to some clever trickery to get the entity to promise not to mess with Earth again. But oaths are made to be broken, and if Dormammu returns, it might take the combined might of all the MCU heroes to stop him.

One of the better kept secrets of Infinity War was the surprise reappearance of Captain America’s old enemy, the Red Skull. Audiences hadn’t seen him on the big screen since 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, and the crimson-faced Hydra-founder’s fate had been something of a mystery.

With Thanos gone, though, Red Skull may finally be free to return to Earth. And who knows how his experience in space has changed him? The dude was dangerous enough even before being cursed by an Infinity Stone. Now? He might even be a match for the Avengers.

Ever since fans learned that the shapeshifting alien Skrulls were going to appear in Captain Marvel, there’s been speculation about a big screen version of Secret Invasion, the 2008 Marvel Comics event that revealed the shapeshifting aliens had been infiltrating the Earth for years. Or maybe the groundbreaking 1971 epic Kree-Skrull War, which was at the heart of Captain Marvel. Sure, the Skrulls in that film turned out to be okay. But there could be plenty more that may not be quite so nice, meaning either of these epic storylines could still be in store for MCU fans. Keep watching the video to see who will be the next MCU big bad after Thanos!

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The Celestials | 0:20
Dormammu | 0:46
The Red Skull | 1:11
The Skrulls | 1:41
Galactus | 2:13
The Squadron Supreme | 2:46
Maestro | 3:17
Kang the Conqueror | 3:53
Doctor Doom | 4:26


How The Cast Got Ripped For Avengers: Endgame

How The Cast Got Ripped For Avengers: Endgame We took an in-depth look at the fitness regimens employed by some of your favorite Marvel stars from Avengers: Endgame, including Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther, and Captain America, with an emphasis on the Marvel diets and superhero workouts they used leading up to the MCU’s big Avengers showdown against Thanos.

By now, we’re pretty deep into the Marvel universe more than 20 movies deep, in fact and many of Marvel’s primary actors have been around for a while. That’s why they continue working out all year long, even if they aren’t training for any specific film.

Chris Hemsworth, in particular, maintains a consistent workout routine to stay in shape for playing Thor. When it’s time to really gear up for his next MCU adventure, he can pack on as much as 20 pounds but in between movies, he keeps going to the gym, albeit at a more low-key level.

There’s no reason for the cast to keep up their punishing six-day-a-week workout schedule if they aren’t preparing to film. But continuing some form of consistent exercise can help them stay healthy and also stay prepared. By keeping up with workouts, they won’t have as much work to do in order to get back in fighting shape for the next movie.

Watch the video for more about How The Cast Got Ripped For Avengers: Endgame

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Lupita Nyong’o went through bootcamp | 0:15
Karen Gillan did martial arts | 0:47
Chris Pratt went for trail runs | 1:33
Josh Brolin gave up carbs | 2:34
Robert Downey Jr. stayed loose | 3:20
Year-round fitness | 4:10
Nutrition and mobility | 5:04


The Real Reason Mark Ruffalo Shot 5 Different Endgame Endings

The Real Reason Mark Ruffalo Shot 5 Different Endgame Endings Everyone knows the lengths to which Marvel Studios and Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have gone to prevent any spoilerific leaks from flooding the internet.

There’s the now-standard sneaky editing of trailers to include and exclude certain footage, and reports of the Brothers Russo crafting purposefully confusing days on set — but now we’re learning another technique the Endgame team implemented to protect the film and keep everyone in the dark until the movie’s premiere.

Bruce Banner actor Mark Ruffalo recently revealed that he shot five different endings for Avengers: Endgame — and for a pretty hilarious reason.

Chatting with E! News alongside his co-stars Chris Evans and Karen Gillan Ruffalo admitted that he has absolutely no idea how Endgame truly ends, or what really happens in the movie… because he never got a complete script.

He added that the version of the Endgame script he did receive, quote, “had dummy scenes in it,” one of which included Evans’ Captain America tying the knot.

It turns out that the majority of the Endgame cast was given the same treatment as Ruffalo: they shot the film with incomplete scripts.

Another member of the Endgame crew that wasn’t entrusted with the full story? The notorious spoiler-spiller Tom Holland, who knows even less about what goes down in Endgame than Ruffalo. The Hulk star at least had mock-up scenes to read and fake endings to film, but Holland wasn’t awarded such a luxury. Director Joe Russo previously explained that the Spider-Man actor only had access to his lines and nothing else — for the very same reason Ruffalo was kept uninformed and made to shoot a bunch of different conclusions. He said at a fan event for the film in India,

“Tom Holland does not get the script. Tom Holland gets his lines and that’s it. He doesn’t even know who he’s acting opposite of … we use, like, very vague terms to describe to him what is happening in the scene, because he has a very difficult time keeping his mouth shut.”

In defense of Marvel and the Russo brothers’ tactics, it’s true that Ruffalo hasn’t exactly been the best gatekeeper of the studio’s secrets, having accidentally let slip information that was meant to be guarded as if his life depended on it.

In the past, Ruffalo unintentionally live-streamed to his Instagram followers the first 20 minutes of audio from Thor: Ragnarok during the film’s Los Angeles world premiere back in 2017. And who can forget the time Ruffalo completely spoiled the ending of Avengers: Infinity War during an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America? Keep watching the video to see the real reason Mark Ruffalo shot 5 different Endgame endings!

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Bear Grylls Stunts That Were Totally Fake

Bear Grylls Stunts That Were Totally Fake Reality TV can go light on the “reality” sometimes, and presenting events as authentic and unaltered while secretly scripting and staging important scenes is common. Here are a few events that TV survivalist Bear Grylls didn’t really have to “survive,” but it sure made for a better story onscreen.

The Sierra Nevada mountain region is home to some of the last truly wild horses in the United States, and wild mustangs have lived in this area for centuries. In a Season 1 episode of Man Vs. Wild, Grylls was shown attempting to lasso some of the steeds, but it turned out that these mustangs might not have been so wild after all, the crew reportedly “hired” them from a trekking station near their filming location.

These were actually relatively tame animals that were accustomed to being around humans, according to a Sunday Times of London report. Of course, that doesn’t play as well to audiences. What makes for a more interesting scene: showing Grylls trying to sling a lasso around a “wild” mustang, or admitting that the crew essentially rented a few horses that weren’t actually running wild? The answer is obvious.

Watch to learn more about Bear Grylls stunts that were totally fake!

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“Borrowing” tame horses | 0:19
Using smoke machines | 1:05
Raft fakery | 1:45
Helping hands | 2:41
A load of dung | 3:31


Here’s What Those Confusing Shazam! Moments Meant

Here’s What Those Confusing Shazam! Moments Meant What are his powers? What’s up with the bad guy? Do superheroes have a group chat or what? Riding on the high of the mischievous, hilarious, and sometimes touching film, we want to clear up a couple questions about Billy Batson and his bigger, better self.

Shazam! opens with the creation of the villain, Thaddeus Sivana. Bullied and belittled by his family, he is naturally tempted by the voices of the Seven Deadly Sins, who promise power and respect. He fails the wizard’s test and is forever scarred. The wizard casts a spell to seek the pure of heart and find someone worthy of his name.

When Billy Batson takes the test, things go differently.

The Sins aren’t there to tempt him, and the wizard chooses him as Champion. Sivana’s research indicates that hundreds of people had been found before Billy, and each had in some way failed. Were they all sinners at their core? Why was the wizard so picky in the first place?

The wizard had been burned before, bequeathing his power to Teth-Adam, who became a tyrant and unleashed the Seven Deadly Sins. Originally, Black Adam, as portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself, was set to appear in the film. Perhaps we’ll see exactly what happens when a wizard gives power to someone not so pure of heart in the Black Adam solo film.

There are rarely hard and fast rules for magic, which makes its implementation confusing. In Shazam!, Sivana, Billy, and countless other people are spirited away to a cave-like lair known as the Rock of Eternity. There, the wizard resides surrounded by empty thrones. The Seven Deadly Sins are imprisoned in stone. This place isn’t on any map, much to the frustration of Sivana, who dedicates his life to finding it. It’s in a kind of limbo that can only be accessed through magic.

According to the comics, the Rock of Eternity resides within multiple dimensions at once. This helps explain a thoroughly confusing sequence during which Billy and his new family run around the maze-like rock and discover a collection of doors straight out of Monsters Inc. Behind each one, there’s some kind of strange other world. The movie’s explanation of all this is basically just, “Because magic.”

People typically don’t fund mad scientists. They are forced to work in abandoned castles and basement labs, their only friend a typically inept and malformed crony, but not Dr. Sivana. He has a couple dozen scientists working under him in a busy lab. Only when you walk into his personal office does his lifetime obsession with the mystical Rock of Eternity and Seven Deadly Sins begin to show. Sivana has been especially smart to hide his desperate search into the realm of unknowable magic as a study of “mass hallucination.” Here’s what those confusing Shazam! moments meant – providing you keep watching the video!

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“Pure of heart” | 0:13
The Rock of Eternity | 1:11
Funding Sivana’s weird research | 1:56
What are the Sins? | 2:48
Greek gods? | 3:31
Identifying Sins | 4:33
Does the world like superheroes? | 5:15
Infinite Shazam siblings? | 6:11
Bad guy mechanics | 6:56
Why was Envy left? | 7:35
The caterpillar | 8:03
Shazam and Superman | 8:51


Why the cast of Shazam! looks so familiar

Why the cast of Shazam! looks so familiar Shazam’s 21st century adventure on the big screen is an origin story, so don’t worry too much if you’re going in cold. Just make sure you’re paying attention and enjoy the ride. But even if you aren’t familiar with the characters, you’re certainly going to see a few familiar faces bringing them to life. Here’s why the cast of Shazam! looks so familiar. Oh, and just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet? Spoilers ahead.

Seeing as he’s playing the supersized version of young Billy Batson otherwise known as Shazam Zachary Levi is essentially the face of the film, and probably the most recognizable face all around.

With any luck, Shazam! will give the supremely talented Levi that final push onto the Hollywood A-list. Wondering where you’ve seen him before? Well, Shazam! is hardly Levi’s first superhero flick. The actor last suited up for cosmic action as Fandral alongside his fellow Warriors Three in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok.

It’s far more likely that you recognize Levi from his extensive work on the small screen. Most recently, he appeared in the short-lived series Heroes Reborn, and starred in the cheeky NBC sitcom Telenovela. He also impressed with a serious turn in Netflix’s marvelous dramatic mini-series Alias Grace. Of course, Levi is probably best known for his work on NBC’s awesome, oft-overlooked action/dramedy Chuck. The actor brought some serious geek energy to his charming portrayal of a directionless post-grad who inadvertently downloads a secretive government computer program into his brain. And yes, it’s every bit as fun as it looks.

Shazam! could also prove the first big break for the actor portraying Billy Batson, the pint-sized version of Levi’s superhero.

We’re guessing that most of you don’t know who Asher Angel is, because he’s just getting started in showbiz.

Some of you may recognize the youngster from his one-off role in the short-lived spin-off series Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. A few of you might also have even seen Angel as the second lead in the 2018 ballet drama Driven to Dance. If not, those of you with the Disney Channel might just recognize Angel as the conspicuously kind-hearted Jonah Beck from the family-friendly comedy Andi Mack. Whether you’re familiar with Angel’s work yet or not, we’re fairly confident you’ll be seeing his face a lot moving forward possibly even in a Shazam! sequel!

The actor playing his precocious, crutch-bound best pal Freddie Freeman has been on the Hollywood radar for few years now.

His name is Jack Dylan Grazer, and he got his first taste of stardom with a brief appearance in 2015’s chilling horror anthology Tales of Halloween. He followed that family-friendly outing with a starring role in the TV series Me, Myself and I, a comedy exploring key moments in a man’s life over three distinct time periods, with Grazer portraying the youngest version of the protagonist. Keep watching the video to see why you recognize the cast of Shazam!

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Zachary Levi: Shazam | 0:23
Asher Angel: Billy Batson | 1:38
Jack Dylan Grazer – Freddie Freeman | 2:25
Grace Fulton: Mary Bromfield | 3:24
Djimon Hounsou – The Wizard | 4:12
Mark Strong: Dr. Thaddeus Sivana | 5:02
Adam Brody – Super Freddie Freeman | 6:07
Meagan Good: Super Darla Dudley | 6:56
Michelle Borth: Super Mary Bromfield | 8:04
Ross Butler: Super Eugene Choi | 8:50
John Glover: Dr. Sivana’s Father | 9:44


Which Avenger Will Make The Ultimate Sacrifice In Endgame

Which Avenger Will Make The Ultimate Sacrifice In Endgame Before Infinity War, real and permanent death among heroes was rare in the MCU, but now as we stare down Endgame, it seems to be more of a possibility than ever before, and many of our favorite characters might not escape it this time. So it’s time to talk odds.

If you really wanted to predict possible outcomes like Doctor Strange meditating over the Time Stone, you could say that Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, can absolutely die in just her second film. You could argue that she’s the best candidate to go toe to toe with Thanos while the other surviving Avengers are working on their secret plan to undo the snap.

Being in the line of fire would place her in clear mortal danger. And it could be poetic that Carol, who only just arrived back on Earth, would sacrifice herself like the space god she is. You could even argue that, since there are more than two decades separating Endgame and Captain Marvel, Carol wouldn’t really even be “dead.” Marvel could keep churning out movies set in the intervening years.

You’d be wrong. Carol is the vanguard leading the charge into a new age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’ll stick around, and her chance of survival is very high.

Everyone’s favorite raccoon with Bradley Cooper’s voice is already in a pretty bad spot when Endgame begins. He’s on an unfamiliar planet, far from home. As far as he knows, he’s the only surviving member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and, most importantly, he watched his best friend Groot crumble to dust before his eyes. Rocket and Thor had a conversation in Infinity War about how hard you fight when it seems you’ve got nothing left to lose.

For Rocket, that time has arrived.

Rocket and Groot have become sort of unofficial mascots for the comic side of the MCU. With a third Guardians movie on the way, it’s hard to imagine a world in which they don’t both pull through this, even if Rocket does end up having to wear one of those prosthetics he finds so hilarious. His chance of survival? Moderately high.

Endgame’s marketing materials have been very clear about what the surviving heroes’ goal is: “Take it all back…”

That’s a pretty clear mission statement that gives every major character a redemptive arc as they each quest for personal vengeance. Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, in particular has a goal.

Endgame will have to address Banner’s sudden inability to handle the Hulk, who has retreated into his host body and refused to fight on behalf of Banner and his friends. This left our heroes at an apparent disadvantage during the Battle of Wakanda. While Banner overcame it, he and the Hulk still have to have a conversation that will resolve in Endgame.

That resolution could ultimately end with the Hulk choked out by Thanos’ tremendous power, but that seems unlikely. Possible remaining romantic tension with Black Widow just gives him too much to do in the MCU besides dying. His chance of survival is moderate. Keep watching the video to see which Avenger will make the ultimate sacrifice in Endgame!

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Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel | 0:17
Rocket | 1:08
Bruce Banner/The Hulk | 1:58
Natasha Romanova/Black Widow | 2:51
Scott Lang/Ant-Man | 3:47
Tony Stark/Iron Man | 4:32
Thor | 5:16
Col. James Rhodes/War Machine | 6:02
Clint Barton/Hawkeye | 7:02
Nebula | 7:55
Steve Rogers/Captain America | 8:39


The Real Reason Vikings Is Ending

The Real Reason Vikings Is Ending After six seasons, years of rich historical drama and a great deal of ratings success, what exactly made History decide to axe its flagship show? These are the real reasons why Vikings is finally coming to an end.

Growing up on his parents’ farm in Australia, Travis Fimmel was a million miles away from the bright lights of Hollywood, but a chance encounter with a modeling scout changed the course of his life forever. After a stint working in London, he decided to try his luck Stateside, and according to the Sydney Morning Herald, was offered a contract instantly after, quote, “swaggering barefoot into LA Models.” He quickly became the face of Calvin Klein, but while he made money posing in his underwear, he was also fine-tuning his acting skills.

Fimmel had a number of roles in Australia prior to Vikings, but it was playing the show’s enigmatic lead that brought him international recognition. His intense and often sympathetic portrayal of farmer-turned-Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok was the true heart of the show, so when the character was killed off in season 4, Vikings entered uncharted territory. According to Forbes writer Erik Kain, it was a gamble that ultimately didn’t pay off.

When Ragnar met his end in season 4, viewers were supposed to get on board with the idea of his sons heading to England to avenge his death. We were introduced to his first-born son, Bjorn, way back in the first season, but we didn’t really get to know the rest of Ragnar’s brood until after the season 4 time jump.

Unfortunately for Hirst, this never really happened. Despite his best efforts, audiences just didn’t seem as interested in watching the antics of Ragnar’s offspring, even when they were hell-bent on avenging the man himself. After new of the show’s end broke,

History ordered a sixth season of Vikings before season 5 had even begun. At the time, nobody knew that the sixth season would be the last, but the decision to cancel the show seems to have been influenced (at least in part) by a decline in viewership. Following the season 5 premiere, CarterMatt tried to soften the blow by suggesting that it’s “hard for any cable series to amass large numbers these days,” but the facts are still hard to ignore. The outlet wrote:

This wasn’t a new trend, either: the previous season also saw a significant drop. According to TV Series Finale, season 4 of Vikings was down by a whopping “28 percent in the demo and 44 percent in viewers.” History renewed anyway, but the network must have recognized that the show was approaching its end. One surefire way of getting waning viewers to stick with a show is to announce that the next season will be the last, and it seems the network wanted to wrap Vikings up before it saw a mass exodus. Keep watching the video to learn the real reason Vikings is ending!

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Ragnar’s Death | 0:13
The sons of Ragnar | 1:19
Viewing figures | 2:23
Going nowhere | 3:39
Stars in demand | 4:53
Rivals | 5:57
Gone too soon? | 7:23
A natural end | 8:20
Continuation | 9:27


How Thanos Really Got All Of The Infinity Stones

How Thanos Really Got All Of The Infinity Stones Everyone in the MCU has been fighting over the Infinity Stones for years now, even if movie audiences didn’t always realize it. But what exactly are all these glowy rocks, and how were all the Infinity Stones finally brought together? Here’s how Thanos, the Mad Titan got all six Infinity Stones on his pretty purple fingers.
Pretty much everyone in the MCU – from Peter Quill to Cull Obsidian – has tried to get their hands on an Infinity Stone at one time or another. But with everybody searching for these magical rocks, we should probably ask: where did the Infinity Stones come from?
Well, Marvel revealed the Stones’ backstory in Guardians of the Galaxy, when the ragtag sci-fi heroes visit an eccentric antiquer called the Collector, played by Benicio del Toro. As the Collector explains to Star-Lord and his crew, before the creation of the universe, there were six singularities. Then, after the Big Bang exploded everything into existence: “…the remnants of these systems were formed into concentrated ingots: Infinity Stones.”
As a result, these gems are incredibly powerful, with each one controlling an element of the universe: power, space, reality, time, the soul, and the mind. And unless you’re some sort of celestial being, you can’t touch these stones with your bare hand – not for very long anyway. That’s why Infinity Stones tend to show up inside orbs, scepters, glowing blue cubes… or a shiny gold glove.
Watch the video for more about How Thanos Really Got All Of The Infinity Stones!

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The origins of the Infinity Stones | 0:18
The origin of the Infinity Gauntlet | 1:19
The Power Stone isn’t messing around | 2:15
The Space Stone takes a dive | 3:27
The Space Stone is put to marvel-ous use | 4:23
The Space Stone and the god of mischief | 5:01
The Reality Stone is really terrifying | 6:10
The Soul Stone is mysterious and magnificent | 7:09
The Time Stone is very strange | 8:25
The Mind Stone shows up on Earth | 9:31
The Mind Stone is all about the Vision | 10:09
Where are the stones now? | 11:12
Don’t be fooled! | 12:04
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This Is How Bear Grylls Really Makes All His Money

This Is How Bear Grylls Really Makes All His Money Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls has actually got quite a few side projects that help keep that cash flowing even when he’s not in front of the camera. Here are some of the highlights from his financial journey over the years that have helped him mint his fortune in spades.

While it isn’t everything, the successful survivor’s television career has obviously served as a critical piece in founding his financial fortune. Man vs. Wild, his first blockbuster show, was watched by over a billion viewers. But in more recent years, the Discovery Channel sensation managed to leverage his growing popularity into several other shows, including Running Wild, in which he’s taken numerous celebrities with him on his adventures in the wilderness.

According to The Richest, it’s estimated that Grylls raked in a whopping $30,000 per episode and that was just during his stint on Man vs. Wild. Since then, the numbers only seem to have gone up. Needless to say, there’s no doubt that Mr. Grylls’ personal fortune has received a healthy boost from the years he’s spent in front of the camera.

Television career aside, Grylls has also made several savvy real estate investments over time, the most impressive of which has to be the island he owns in Wales. But we’re not talking about a dirt-rich celebrity dropping a ton of cash on a fancy new island just for fun.

According to The Telegraph, Grylls actually bought the island in 1999, over five years before Man vs. Wild started up. The island, which he considers one of his best investments, covered 20 acres that came with a cottage in need of renovation. He spent the four years following the purchase scrimping and saving up enough money to make repairs. In 2008, Bear estimated he’d spent 100,000 pounds on the project and that it was worth a cool million.

Call it old school if you’d like, but when The Telegraph asked how he preferred to pay for things, Gryll’s answer was short and simple: Keep watching the video to find out how Bear Grylls really makes all his money!

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How Avengers: Endgame Is Going To Change The MCU Forever

How Avengers: Endgame Is Going To Change The MCU Forever There’s no doubt that the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War will have a hugely dramatic effect on the Marvel landscape, especially for Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, The Hulk, and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s characters. From the beginnings of a new era to the newcomers who’ll lead the franchise into the future, here are some of the many different ways that Endgame could change the MCU… forever.

The precise details of actors’ contracts can be tricky to pin down, and it’s only made more difficult with MCU stars thanks to Marvel’s notoriously tight-lipped style of doing business. However, it’s clear that Endgame is the end of the line for at least some, if not nearly all, of the original six Avengers. Chris Hemsworth hinted in early 2018 that he was hanging up his hammer as Thor, while Chris Evans teased an emotional farewell in the fall of the same year. In addition, both Vanity Fair and Time have reported that Endgame finds all six actors either at or near the ends of their contracts.

There’s always the possibility of renegotiation: Robert Downey Jr., for example, has already extended his contract multiple times. But odds are that, one way or another, Endgame is going to be the swan song for the saga’s original band of heroes. It’s a heartbreaking truth, of course, as the MCU has largely revolved around these characters for over a decade. But with so many new adventures on the horizon, Marvel is sure to keep things exciting, even if it’s hard to imagine a Marvel Universe where characters like Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow aren’t getting in on the action. Watch the video for more about How Avengers: Endgame Is Going To Change The MCU Forever!

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Explaining The Ending Of Pet Sematary

Explaining The Ending Of Pet Sematary If there’s any human experience more universal than love, it’s loss. And that’s the exact flavor of optimism explored in Pet Sematary. Plus horror. And creepy masks. And cats.

Pet Sematary opened to relatively good reviews, largely due to a few key themes and moments of crucial character development. But as the ending swirled into gory mayhem, you might have lost track of those themes. Let’s dig in and resurrect the ending of Pet Sematary. Spoilers ahead!

The film’s protagonist, Louis Creed, is shown to be blunt and realistic. For him, sugarcoating things like dead cats is an unhealthy approach to parenting.

This rationalism is what makes Louis’ decision to upset the natural balance so surprising. Despite the fact that he already watched his undead cat Church go totally bonkers, Louis abandons common sense and tries to reincarnate his daughter. Initially, Louis achieves his goal, and Ellie is raised from the dead and returns home.

Even though Louis makes a costly mistake in his decision to spend more time with his daughter, he does come full circle and regain a degree of level-headedness in his final moments. As he fights with his daughter, he decides to take Jud’s advice about dead being better, making the painful decision to re-end Ellie’s life.

Watch the video for more about the ending of Pet Sematary explained!

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