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Tag: Dusttale Sans [Undertale AU] – “Megalovania” FrostFM Remix


Dusttale Sans [Undertale AU] – “Megalovania” FrostFM Remix by FrostFM [OST Theme Music] I present my next project: Dusttale Sans [Undertale AU] – “Megalovania” FrostFM Remix

I wanted to make this mix of Dusttale since the other versions of Dusttale Sans Megalovania have been more fight based. So, since people have been liking my darker/slower stuff, I figured I’d make a slow/dark version of it with my style.

I think it turned out pretty well since I got a lot of positive feedback on this Dusttale remix from the WIPs I posted in discord and what not.

Plus, it looks like my past few uploads have been a success with these darker/slower styles, so I think I’ll keep making songs in this fashion since I get enjoyment out of them.

At any rate, I hope you all enjoy this and make sure to share, subscribe and all that good junk.