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Tag: The ATTC Theme


The ATTC Theme by tonypenultimate Theme tune of the Airline Toilets Theatre Company – played by The New Wonders.

– here’s a FAQ

WTF? Why are you making films in Airline Toilets?

I’m a successful musician, I tour around a lot and I’m also a songwriter, but I think that making albums in this day and age is a complete waste of time, who cares anyway? Why not be a big fish in a small pond and make music vids in airplane toilets? There’s only one other person in the world who does this…..

Why don’t you just watch the movie, or get your dick out and film that, y’know, like normal people?

I hate passive consumerism – I’d rather make my own movie than watch some CGI blockbuster. Also the class system is writ large in airplanes (1st class/business/coach etc) I consider that I’m “sticking it to the man” in my own little anarchic way. And for the people who enjoy my films, dick pics would be the ultimate betrayal.

What’s the setup/process once you get in there?

Get in, lock door, stick iphone to mirror, turn on camera, start filming, ukulele/puppets/props out of bag, earphones in (it’s too noisy to play live) and get going: – reverse process and leave. Basically all the most recent films have been assembled slowly in bits – very much like regular film making.

Aren’t you worried about getting busted?

As I’ve gone on (and I’ve been doing it for five years) I’ve found the key is staying relaxed, once you’re in the toilet, you’ve got a certain amount of time (approx 10 min tops) before people might become suspicious (is he building a bomb?). I usually take in a bag of props, with the prepared excuse that I suffer from haemorrhoids and need to change my underwear (this is a conversation no one wants to take further).