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#66: Bush Lied (2019/3/21) by The News Never Ends Dan Ackerman (@DarnArckerman) and Peter Ronson (@Parenthestein) do their best Elizabeth Holmes impressions and then talk about the horror of the global war on Muslims. Lotta ups, lotta low low low low downs.

Beto O’Vertime!:

0:00: Intro into Theranos
9:32: Iraq War’s 16th bday
13:40: New Zealand terror attack
23:30: Mike Gravel 2020

Carl Beijer on Gravel in 2008

Splinter on Gravel 2020

Gabbard on Colbert

Zaid Jilani on Beto’s donation inflation

Theme song credit: “Robobozo” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License